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entrepreneur motivation : Entrepreneur Motivation – The Power of “What If” Statements

entrepreneur motivation Throughout our lives, we hear “what if” statements. These statements can either harm us or excel us, depending on what we …

– entrepreneur motivation

Here’s Something A little Different but in the Same Topic.

This is our first interview as entrepreneurs, some of you may can relate to this. We talk about what it is like to be an entrepreneur owning your own busines…

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  • Hi everyone! (Google+ blocked my last post so sites are separated a bit)

    +Ingrid Elfver asked me to share more of my story with the group and I am
    excited for the opportunity. My name is Michael Jacobs and I’m a student at
    the +The University of Arizona , Entrepreneur, and author.

    I recently started a company this past summer when I was on a study abroad
    program with my business school. My teammate and I created a mobile
    application, SociaLink (SociaLinkApp . com), for iPhone that allows you
    to instantly send friend requests and follows in-person when you meet
    someone instead of when you get home (or having to search for them). The
    app currently supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr.
    We are currently a free application and are focused on building our

    I also enjoy writing and sharing my experiences with people so that they
    can learn and grow. My most recently eBook, Make Your Idea an App Store App
    – 8 Secrets Behind Creating a Successful Mobile App, teaches you how to
    come up with a great mobile app idea, find and manage developers, and
    publish a successful product. I am also currently in the process of writing
    my second eBook about how to stand out in a world being engulfed with
    entrepreneurs. You can find my eBooks and subscribe on my site
    MichaelsEBooks . com .

    I also do a weekly video blog title ‘Michael’s Weekly Word” dedicated to
    helping people push themselves out of their comfort zones and follow their
    passions. I speak about different topics like the effect of social media on
    our motivation, the importance of gratitude. You can find and subscribe to
    my weekly blog channel at YouTube. com/MichaelAustinJacobs .

    I do some guest writing for sites like +Under30CEO and Idea to Appster.
    You can learn more about my other ventures at MichaelAustinJacobs. com .

    I’d a really open and friendly person so please feel free to reach out to
    me! I’d love to hear what everyone is working on and see how I can help in
    any way! Again, Thank you +Ingrid Elfver for letting me share my currently
    project with the community!

  • I know! Right?

  • what a view!

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