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inspirational movies : Best Inspirational Movies scenes EVER! (Improved)

inspirational movies

Since a lot of people complaint about the song of the previous video, I removed the music and also added few more scenes of other movies too. I hope I don’t get any more complaints about music. Also I wanna let you guys know that I used to be religious and believe in all those nonsense, yeah, but today I am atheist. That’s the reason why there’s some scenes in this video it actually it’s about a creator belief. Anyways, this video is also to show how well these actors perform.
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6 Responses to inspirational movies : Best Inspirational Movies scenes EVER! (Improved)

  • JOHN Q – I cried like a baby…

  • @tapqngv Yeah this website is just giving out comletely free White Apple iPads for today only. But you do have to be living in the U.S though but it’s legit, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up!

  • They were all good movies but that line in the pursuit of happiness, I felt like he was talking to me, That’s something everybody can take heed too for real!!

  • Maybe you should have played in all transformer movies then !!

  • And will never be.

  • Will Smith is god

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