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inspirational movies : Facing the Giants

inspirational movies

Clip from “Facing the Giants” used in Pastor Dan’s “Honor” Focus Point.

This week we are joined by the director of the inspirational sports movies Hoosiers and Rudy, David Anspaugh. The secrets behind the origins of the slow clap…
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  • this team ask god to help them realize and reach there potential. not to be the other team. our god is an awesome god

  • first dislike <

  • No one gives a shit about your love to MMA and hate to football, in my opinion your comparison is in the wrong place. if you want to make your point so much, why don’t you post an inspirational video on MMA? oh, right, there isn’t one,

  • They used a piece of a movie for reasons I’ve explained below. MMA has nothing to do with this piece of a movie

  • Continued. I don’t need you to act condescendingly towards me dude. I know the concept of this video or “I get the point”. You don’t get the point that I am trying to make. And actually you can compare weightlifting with cricket. It just depends on what aspect that you want to compare them with.

  • Yeah, no shit! I know what the main concept of this video is, but in order to accomplish anything in life, “Hard work” or “tough training” is vital to accomplishing anything, right? So they used football as an example of “Hard Work” or “Tough Training” and just in case people watching this video may also happen to be football fans, I decided to include that comment about it. In a way it still had relevance because they used football players as an example of “hard work”, but I woulda used MMA.

  • It’s about inspiration, courage, motivation and believing in yourself. This video does not show how hard football players train, it’s about not giving up and GIVING YOUR BEST. Personally, I don’t even like football, but I love this video. You just don’t get the point ofthis video.
    Why don’t you compare weightlifting with cricket…

  • What do you mean this video is not about how hard these guys are training? Then what the fuck is it about? I brought MMA into it because of all you Football Fans who think that Football players are some sort of spectacular athletes when in reality they R lazy compared to other athletes who train much harder than they do. Hard work pays off, but Football players are definitely overrated as far as their training go. That’s why I compared them to MMA athletes because they’re not on same level.

  • this video is not about how hard they’re training and what the fck MMA has to do with it ?

  • Very very blesssssing!

  • great video

  • I’m sorry but I have to say this & no disrespect to this video, but even though it is portrayed in this video that these football players are training hard, trust me (and from experience) they do NOT train nearly as hard as MMA athletes train. MMA fighters train at least twice as hard as these guys & this has been proven numerous times.

  • I never get tired of the inspirational cornyness of this video.

  • How hard was it to go in a straight line like that bind folded

  • Maybe you should go visit the medal of honor site, read a couple of citations, and see what parallels you can draw between this scene, and those citations.

    Real courage is ignoring everything around you, whether it be bombs going off, or your arms getting tired, and focusing on getting the job done at all costs.

  • After watching this when I’m in a tough situation, I’ll endure. So at the end I can say i gave it my best

  • Pads are too big. Impact the movement.

  • C-O-R-N-B-A-L-L

  • This is real FAITH in Action… Thanks

  • WARNING: The Internet may contain traces of nuts

  • Hey Generic Mammal — I own a Dharma Initiative T-Shirt. So there.

  • great show

  • not this dude again….hes on every show

  • hoosiers kept me on my high school basketball team!

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