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inspirational movies : Impossible is nothing Motivational Video

inspirational movies At the moment of giving up please remember there is NOTHING Impossible, it has been said many times and proven wrong over and over. If y…

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22 Responses to inspirational movies : Impossible is nothing Motivational Video

  • I M POSSIBLE is what Impossible means!

    impossible is just a word used by somebody who has given a very status to his goal.
    for somebody else, it may be like climbing up just 3 stairs 🙂 , so its all relative.

    before using the word impossible, say to yourself that there is somebody in the world for whom my goal is like just changing dresses may be…

    there is nothing really not possible for a ignited mind, PERIOD!

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    Yeah, but you’re a god of fate. Can’t you change that? (Kat) You’re thinking like a child, Katra. Things that appear simple very seldom are

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  • Hey guys :) Can eybody help me? I need sound track name of this clip?

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  • If nothing is impossible then teleport to where I am right now so we can both see in each other. If you can’t do it RIGHT NOW, then that means some things are impossible. Impossible means something that cannot be done. If you can’t teleport here to me right now, then it is impossible for you to do it right now because you can’t do it.

  • Nothing is impossible.. 🙂 If it were, no amount of time would make it possible.

  • I don’t mean to make your “head hurt” or anything like that. I’m just asking a question because I don’t understand the term “impossible is nothing” or “nothing is impossible”. I don’t look at things in a negative way and I don’t look at things in a positive way. I try to look at things in a REALISTIC way. You know, the way life actually works?

  • Its idiots like you that make my head hurt.
    You can’t take anything in a positive way.
    You have to turn every fucking thing negative.
    Please do us a favor and please refrain yourself from killing our brain cells with your ignorant and childish comments.

  • damn you France 1998!!!!!!!!!! i was devastated when they defeated my team 🙁

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  • If you think I’m ignorant, then tell me what I’m missing. Explain to me and answer the questions that I present to you.

    Since NOTHING is impossible, why do you have to WAIT to be able to do what you want? If NOTHING is impossible, why can’t you just come through your computer monitor right now and appear in the room that I am in where we can both see each other face-to-face? Why do you have to wait? Do you admit that some things are indeed impossible?

  • Since you’re too ignorant to read what I wrote.. Given enough time, it’ll be possible Mr. Pessimist.

  • Muy emotivo, toca todas las fibras del Ser.

  • Since you say that nothing is impossible, do this: Go into your computer monitor right now and come out to the place where I am, in my house where you can see me face-to-face. Can you do it?

  • Nothing is impossible..  If you told the Ancient Romans a man would walk upon the moon they’d laugh at you, so tell us today that’s impossible, in 5, 10, 20, 50 years or more… It WILL be possible. 😀

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