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inspirational movies : Remember the Titans – Coach Boone Speech

inspirational movies

The turning point speech of the movie.
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Friday 5: Inspirational Movies

These movies really pump me up! Just talking about them made me wanna get up and do something! Don’t forget to let me know if there is anything you want to see!
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26 Responses to inspirational movies : Remember the Titans – Coach Boone Speech

  • “Take a lesson from the dead.” most powerful line of that speech, teaches us that humans are all different; color, shape, size ect. We don’t have to like everyone but should respect each other

  • This touched my heart:)

  • all hail Mr. Andrews

  • RWJ for the win!

  • Wondering… Bring all the world leaders to that spot, an say that speech, would the world change lol?

  • RWJ brought me here 😛

  • … God is within us… it upon us how to project….thee

  • @YoselinSarita same here

  • 1:44 most touching part of the movie

    Boone: Take a lesson from the dead. If we dont come together right now on this hollow field, then we too will be destroyed. Just like they were.

  • I showed this to my class at the beginning of a lesson titled Respect!  #favmovieofalltime

  • like if raywilliamjohnson brought you here

  • DENZEL is a inspiration for the WHOLE WORLD!

  • they showed me this video in social studies to let us know the real deal why there was a war there

  • You have no proof that we are essentially primates. You weren’t alive from then. And even in that, evolution and God are one of the same. Seperating God and Evolution is what idiots seem to consistantly do. I agree with evolutions concepts, but God created man, and we evolved overtime. I believe Dinosaurs roamed the Earth first.. it even says it in the bible. The only people who seperate Dinosaurs (first creatures to roam Earth) from God are idiotic religious people and idiotic atheists.

  • Every coach should be like Denzel.

  • But great speech

  • Gay rwj “respection” jokes…

  • holy shit that was amazing

  • holy shit that was amazing

  • Dat Respection

  • Oh, that’s a good one! I must have been on 5 different diets before…I’ll be thinking about that one!! Thanks!

  • Okay, this is weird but my wife would request a Friday Five where you discuss your Top 5 diets that did not work (or were not for you) and why. (Or you can just use it as a Q&A or whatever, she just wants to know…what makes WW better than other things, in your opinion.)

    She is thinking about WW but has three different approaches she is considering. I did not use a diet plan so I have no opinions or experience.

  • Bridget is my home girl!! God I love her! Of the others I would mostly recommend GI Jane because it’s like Rocky for women. Thanks for the ideas!!

  • OMuhG Bridget Jones is one of my fav movies for the exact same reasons! i ,3 to see the chubby girl triumph! Hairspray (both versions) is another of my fav chubby girl movies. i am so awful, Bridget Jones is the only movie i’ve seen out of all those! lol how about your top 5 fav bands, hair products, weight loss vlogs (i’m always looking for new people to watch too!), top 5 youtube channels in general. . .ok, off to watch your other vids, i’m so behind! – Mandy

  • It is my goal to BE a badass girl someday. They could make a movie about ME then!!  😀

  • loooooove GI jane. i’m so with you on that one. lmao…LOVE your face at “you go girl”. also love bridget and kill bill…..i haven’t seen the step up movies, but i LOOOVE so you think you can dance and so wish i could dance. love the movies with the badass girls. 🙂

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