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inspirational movies : Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

inspirational movies

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– inspirational movies

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i stand together against bullying.

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42 Responses to inspirational movies : Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

  • Obnoxious, pretentious comment starting with “I don’t usually complain”, then complaining anyway that you missed something (even though it’s your film), that X would be a better musical score, that it’s a lesser quality rehashing of X film, but overall it’s a “taut psychological thriller .. a gripping, emotional roller coaster ride … and a cinematic tour de force” Oh, and somehow casually inserting that my uncle Joey was the gaffer on this film, and he also worked on Raiders of The Lost Ark.

  • “This is not going to be an entirely dramatic film, ’cause we laughed there.” Lost it so damn hard

  • what movie is this a spoof of?

  • A comment attempting to copy the trailers comedic use of self narration and failing miserably.
    To every single person who commented on this video, your comment is not funny and is extremely unoriginal.
    I just needed to vent, sorry.

  • Furious and profane response threatening physical violence, ignorant of the fact that spam comment is posted by a bot.

  • I’m just trying to imagine what it was like to film this. To ACT in this.
    …this is just too good.

  • Comment outlining the seriousness of everybody not believing in my religious belief, in order to distract potential viewers from watching Movie Title’s trailer, which would apparently distract them from religious values and fill them with immoral thoughts.

  • advertisement that leads to a virus if visited.

  • random foreign lang commentary

  • Comment about how unnecessary and hateful that was.


  • Plea for religious arguments to stop because you can believe whatever you want. Added note that I’ve done this on other videos.

  • This was fucking genius… I’m speechless.

  • Declaration that this is the first YouTube comment section that I have ever read, that I did so at the suggestion of a poker buddy, and that it now makes me feel very sad at the state of my own existence. Finishing with a clever question as to whether or not this is a bluff.

  • This is TVTropes all over.

  • Chuck Norris reference.

  • Comment claiming that those who disliked are Justin Bieber fans, showing complete lack of originality and failure of adapting to new internet trends.

  • Homophobic insult adressed towards you, insinuating personal emotions kept in my subconscious are expressed in an angry manner.

  • Comment declaring wish that retard didn’t die in the end, showing lack of knowledge of how dramas unfold.

  • Comment declaring how the big black friendly optimistic advice has changed my life and helped me overcome difficult times (comment doesn’t dwelve into these times, to keep the mystery), expecting sympathy and/or admiration from PC users I will never meet, thus showcasing the pathetic nature of my existance.

  • comment exposing your comment as a youtube cliche

  • comment telling everyone to shut up and just watch the video

  • An erroneous comment that leads in to an add for “One wierd trick to loose belly fat!”

  • Seriously I WOULD NOT take that shit! that Lindsey bitch would have a swollen face by now! i am motherfucking serious!

  • I watched at the library’s computer and I got in trouble and I said sorry but I can do and I wanted 2 and then I left lol and the library teacher was so confused

  • I know what its like my daughter was bullied and she was pushed of the bars in the school play ground and bruised 2 ribs and hurt her left side.she is now a first degree blk belt going for second degree shes been doing this since she was 7 and shes now 20 and she is a security officer and becoming a officer in corrections as soon as she can carry.she is a amazing young women and don’t take no crap at all she also protects the kids the school she went so very proud of her.stop before u kill

  • They’re all homos

  • Fuck this shit keep the law away from the fucking internet you assholes

  • this movie is so true lot of people want it to stop like me. If ever one seen it and bulling would stop we will a be free and be happy.People think you are cool to bully but it is not they are wrong. I wish all the kids how died because of bulling see people are trying to stop bulling like me in my school i hope one day bulling will stop for ever and we will all be happy. This movie is very sad but it is very true to my life and other kid around the world.

  • I know that Emily plays as Taylor, but is that Kay Panabaker that plays as Samantha?

  • Hahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes

  • cyberbullying is bullshit

  • Therapist count?

  • very sad it made me cry like comment if u like this movie but is sad bout middle

  • what the hell its just a movie even though its a emotional sad movie no kneed to have a hissy fit about being in taylors shoes and that goshh people these days !!!!

  • Very sad I even cried a little bit

  • It is so emotional



  • There’s no way you can fit in Taylor’s shoes. You have to significantly decrease your IQ to not understand that this shit is stupid. Everyone in this movie is stupid.

  • You do realize you need you see a doctor if you think this is a comedy?

  • Try it. You wouldn’t do any better. Don’t judge until you know how it feels

  • do u know about movie genders?

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