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inspirational music : 15 Year Old Singing ‘Hallelujah’ on Australia’s Got Talent 2010 (cover)

inspirational music

Bobi Andonov on Australia’s got talent 2010. 15 years of age.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to inspirational music : 15 Year Old Singing ‘Hallelujah’ on Australia’s Got Talent 2010 (cover)

  • He sounds like Harry styles!!!

  • Like the way you sing the song, heard others and they can’t come close to you

  • completely agree. not a scratch on jeff buckley

  • lawl. No offense taken. And thank you for not replying with “”ROTT IN HELL YOUR IGNORANT BASTARD!!!!” because I would have gone with “fukk off you pieceofshi tyour badgram mar is making me crieng”…


  • I understand you have your opinion & that you were very professional with the way you spoke. But all that screamed in my mind when I read that was “”ROTT IN HELL YOUR IGNORANT BASTARD!!!!!” No offense.

  • You sound like harry styles from one direchtion

  • Perfect gave me the chills

  • I’m sorry, but this was just not a good performance. It just seemed like he took every opportunity to ‘scream’ like he’s doing an operatic performance, which does not fit this song, especially with this particular accompaniment. It just seemed… way too over the top as if he’s trying to make it look and sound like he can sing like a trained singer. But… he just can’t pull it off as of this audition.

  • Ive seen this Audition like 10 times or more only because it is by far one of the best audition Ive ever seen!! His voice is just truly Amazing & the song was sung beautifully!!!!!

  • Gthu123 2 weeks ago
    if I had a dollar for every pixel in this video, I would have 10 bucks
    I think you mean 1 dollar. And why does it seem like the sound is coming out of a octopus’s butthole?

  • true true this song beats most tracks hands down Oh Btw peeps are using this to get it on your pod >>

  • He’s good..but the single greatest rendition of this song ever has to go to K.D. Lang at the Juno awards in 2005.

  • 240p? More like no p!! Haha, am I right?. No. Okay.


  • Bobby AndonovMUSIC is his real youtube channel folks, you can see much more of him there, or @BANDONOV on twitter. Bobby’s currently in LA working on some new music 🙂

  • lol @ 240p

  • It’s not a pop song! Not a good rendition at all!

  • You obviously havent heard gitarkameratene - hallelujah

  • This was terrible and so outta tune. This is a gentle song that has to be sang just right or it kills the deep emotion behind the lyrics.

  • All I can say is Amazing!

  • The only way for him to improve is to find a new “talent.” It is certainly a good thing that he isn’t a parachute packer!

  • This isn’t about how well I can sing, I am not the one on stage with a microphone in my hand. Hallelujah is one of my favrotie Leonard Cohen songs and this guy butchered it! I have heard dozens of reditions of this song and this is the absolute worst ever!

  • HOLY CRAP!!! I’m speachless!!

  • he is beautiful

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