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inspirational music : Congratulations to Nick Vujicic ♥ Kanae Miyahara

inspirational music

Heartiest congratulations to Nick Vujicic and Kanae Miyaharaa on their wedding. Wishing the beautiful couple a wonderful blessed journey as they build their …
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– inspirational music

20 Responses to inspirational music : Congratulations to Nick Vujicic ♥ Kanae Miyahara

  • Can i see him..

  • That’s awesome you are doing that! Good on you, it may be more effective to find someone with a powerful story like nicks and share the link to that, not that you can’t have influence, and I commend you for what you are doing, but this person is speaking the message you want to share there are some good ones on bullying out there just search for “Nick Vujicic bullying” and you can find something.

  • I think you missed his entire message. I pray one day you learn that life is bigger than humanity, that it is through God we find our hope and out identity.

  • he is married now! YAY when i found out i was so happy im glad he has a wife and she loves him for who he is <3 🙂

  • he looks similar to Justin Timberlake… 😛

    But he’s really inpiring

  • pls pray people learn humanity. more than religion.. 

  • i pray someday he become muslim.

  • Continue Reading > > > >
    I made a video about bullying and how people need to stop that! I have no views at all on it, and how can people get that message if I have no views? Please watch my video. It’s not that long it’s on like 2 minutes. It would really be nice. Sorry for the spamming but I’m just sick and tired of how we treat one another. You may be thinking I’m 30 but I”m not. I’m 14 and I see the bullying at school and it’s wrong. Just please watch thanks 🙂 Time for a change.

  • It’s from a Water Crystal music CD given to me by a friend. Sorry I do not know where it can be downloaded.

  • The popular version is different than the one posted, and done on piano. Any idea where this particular version can be found, or downloaded? ~ Nick rocks with the Rock!! : )

  • I am half amazed and half sad..

  • 12:40 “it’s gonna be a crazy day. Me, walking my daughter down the aisle. That’s gonna be so precious.” This man…he makes me feel like I can be a better man than I ever thought I was worth..

  • no mas ponlo en español

  • 252 people that watched this video seem to not understand the English language.

  • waaw !! amazing!! make me cry!… congratulations!!!!

  • I cried watching this… I am so glad to see a man like him deserving all he can get in life! He deserves all of the happiness in the world, and I am happy to see that he finally met the love of his life! ♥ You are a God-send to all of us, and may the Lord bless you for existing and for all that you do. :’)

  • Congrats to Nick and his wife, Kanae!! Blessing to you both!

  • Awesome

  • Nick u are a blessing to all who gets to know u and hears your life story u inspire us may God keep blessing you and your loving family.

  • I totally love this video but this background music is really annoying. :/

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