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inspirational music : Hang Solo “This is not a Drum”

inspirational music

Hang Solo

hang drum ? rafael sotomayor ,THE new Hang Solo CD “This is not a Drum” is finished, on Itunes: you can listen some parts of the 12 songs on this CDbaby The song number 12 is a Bonus Track (all sounds on this song are from the hang) thanks for following our projects ­čÖé and for your support. wish you all the best. Rafael Listen more or support our projects This is not a drum hang Great solo album 2011, the titel of this song is Wanderlust one of the 11 songs included in this album, for Cds order i hope you enjoy my Hang solo wish you the best rafael
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Album Donnie McClurkin 1996 Lyrics: [Verse] What do you do when you’ve done all you can And it seems like it’s never enough? And what do you say when your friends turn away, and you’re all alone? Tell me, what do you give When you’ve given your all, and it seems like you…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 Responses to inspirational music : Hang Solo “This is not a Drum”

  • I, for the life of me can not figure out´╗┐ where half the notes come from

  • but you don’t call a glockenspiel a´╗┐ drum, do you? yes a glockenspiel is in the tuned percussion family, but not a drum.

  • HANG in hungarian:´╗┐ hang (sound)

  • the third hang drum is just siting there´╗┐ not being played…….. forever alone

  • I wish it was possible to buy one of these in the US. Without ever playing this I know I would be fantastically good at it. All the instruments I play add up to this. I have not seen one “great ” song by anyone yet. I think´╗┐ that is due to availability alone. Not saying this is bad. Its quite good. i just wish everybody could get a shot.

  • When God is with you STAND is all you´╗┐ can do! Be blessed

  • beautiful song…helps´╗┐ me get through my toughest days:)

  • This is such an insprirational Video&such a powerfull message. During my depression all i did was pray´╗┐ and STAND. Amen to Jesus!!!


    Jazper Leasau

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