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inspirational music : Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage… We send back music.

inspirational music

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21 Responses to inspirational music : Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage… We send back music.

  • What really makes this project work is the instrument-making skills of its members.

    But I have a feeling that, in the long run, instrument-making is going to become a lost art. Why build a violin or a clarinet, when you can get a much wider array of sounds out of an electronic synthesizer chip the size of a fingernail?

  • In the US, being able to afford musical instruments can be just as out of reach to those interested in playing music. For 100+ yrs, Jug Band musicians have made and played their own instruments from common or discarded items. For 35 yrs, I’ve turned trash into musical treasure. My Frankenstein resophonic guitars are made from repurposed discarded materials and items. A poster of my homemade Nobro guitar can be seen at,
    I play Folk/Blues.

  • Can you make some posters with these instruments and the saying on the bottom of it “The world send us garbage…We send back music.” I would definitely buy some and I’m pretty sure others would as well.

  • Divino è l’ingegno dell’uomo
    ustedes son genios !

  • Who cares what their problem is. People like that are miserable and they do things like this to get attention. The best thing to do is ignore them.

  • Just goes to show just how amazing people who have nothing truly are!

  • Just used this as an object lessons for my kids that there is genius and creativity in all people everywhere. May God bless these young artists and their mentors!

  • wonderful !

  • Muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Tu sabes cómo hacer para visitarlos o es solamente ir y ya? Muchas gracias.

  • I agree. It is just a strange feeling to be so overwhelmed about that fantastic project and then to see to misanthropic reactions.

  • Done and looking forward to get all the informations. Thanks.

  • Hola. Soy de Paraguay, y éste lugar es en “Cateura” que se encuentra en la ciudad de Asunción.

  • Who cares?!? I’d rather hear thoughts from the other 14, 000. 

  • I think that, too. Some people are so sick, there is no cure, you are right.

  • I have NO idea. I think they are suffering from terminal asshole disease. There is no known cure.

  • En que parte de Paraguay se encuentran ubicados para ir a visitarlos? saludos y espero respuesta. Me encantaría conocerlos. Pronto estaré haciendo un viaje por Paraguay con música celta y me gustaría ver un ensayo de la orquesta.

  • they are the best muicians in the world

  • how could ANYONE not like or be inspired by this video??? who are those 78 people and what is their problem?

  • This is so inspirational

  • Wonderful. Restores your faith in humanity. ♥ ♫♪

  • “oops”??

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