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inspirational music : Lazaro Arbos Auditions – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12

inspirational music

Florida resident Lazaro Arbos has had to overcome a speech impediment he’s suffered with since he was six years old. Today he follows his dream of being a pe…
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23 Responses to inspirational music : Lazaro Arbos Auditions – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12

  • He’s such a cutie. He has so much talent, and it’s amazing how he doesn’t let his speech ways bring him down.

  • He should sing out his responses.

  • He came so far, I live the way he sings and I think he’s cute!

  • at this point in the competition, goodbye lazaro, all he gets is sympathy votes.

  • hes good at this song and feeling good, thats about it

  • cant beleive this kid even made the top 100…..

  • What show were u watching? I dont think it was american idol! He should have been sent home.

  • This video is not for haters or people saying he should have gone home. He had trouble the past two weeks but he is an amazing talented and inspirational singer to us. WE FANS ARE GONNA KEEP VOTING FOR HIM BC WE LOVE HIM!. And so like I said this video is for fans and id u people dont have anything nice to say, plz do me a favor and shut up and go away! Thank you…

  • I love him!! I cant relate to him, i dont stutter bu i have social anxiety disorder

  • I love him so much, I can relate with the story, but I don’t stutter!

  • I cried when he said he had no friends and started tearing up! Oh

  • but otheres are far more talented and better at singing. He needs to be off the show next week.

  • Wow!! nice story this Lazaro, making it to top10 easily good job and keep going in life.

  • I stutter too and can relate to Lazaro’s story

  • I really think that Lazaro is a talented singer and a inspiration to all,but in the same sentence he really shouldn’t have been in the top 3,No way.I think the petty vote is coming into the Idol and people that are voting because his disability aren’t doing him any favors.Do you really think he would want your vote because he has a disability or he could sing really well.I think this is a great competition but if Lazaro makes it one more week I think I’ll be watching The Voice instead.

  • Exactly!

  • I never involve where a person is from/skin color cause that doesn’t matter to me, me being mixed I could care-less.

  • No doubt, and like I said with a good team behind he might do well on the charts, definitely has the back story to win folks over. It just always sucks to see competitions no matter what they are for that has a sub-par talent winning over obviously better contestants. I don’t usually feel salty about these things but what is happening is wrong in IMO. If he didn’t look like a deer in headlights every time he’s on stage I could see the star quality but I just don’t get it.

  • Many people with stutters can sing pretty good. You’d have to go research or ask a specialist/expert as to why they can.

  • My son thanks you for your courage and for showing the world how special and normal people who stutter are!!!! God bless you, Lazro!!!!

  • I can’t understand why he don’t stotters by singing??

  • most people who stutter , dont stutter when dey sing .everyone know dat ,its sad to let him win wen hes not the best singer .

  • This video made me cry :(

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