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inspirational music : Neo Soul, R&B, Soul, Inspirational Music by: Thurston Ray — Holding On

inspirational music

Artist/Songwriter: Thurston Ray Photgraphy by: Iris Bachman Producer: Matt “Lock” Robinson Mixing Engineer: Stefan Moessle Engineer: Raf Zero Copyright – 201…
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14 Responses to inspirational music : Neo Soul, R&B, Soul, Inspirational Music by: Thurston Ray — Holding On

  • U r so welcome. I am glad this inspires u. Now u inspire me to continue on. Blessings to u!!!

  • I’m going through a lot of changes as a 20 year old. I really appreciate this song. It motivated me to get reconnected with my feelings and my writings/music. Thank you.

  • Holdin On should be played on Neo soul station

  • great,great!! i adore

  • My favorite song

  • OMG Hey Thurs!! This music is so smooth and beautiful.

  • Thanks! Keep on Carlie!

  • Hey… I am a fellow singer and I feel like my style is inspirational neo soul and I decided to google that. That is when you popped up. I am impressed and moved by your ability to tell your story… actually… it is ALL of our story. lolol Keep up the great work. Ps … you may want to correct the spelling in the video. I think that you used loose when you meant lose. ok… peace and blessings… Carllie

  • The album “Becoming Thurston Ray: A Human Experience” is available! Please check out my website for details and previews. & thanks for all your support! I can’t wait to meet you all in person! Bless!

  • Really Nice. You must come to DC!!

  • Thanks again to you all! If you like this music & feel where this is going, please follow me on twitter @thurstonray. The new album is complete and will be announced officially soon. Peace & Blessings to you all.  Keep on…

  • Deep, powerful & moving! That ‘thought-provoking, inspirational, wrap-around-my-brain-soul!”☺

  • amen

  • Those 2 people that disliked this , doesn’t know true music..

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