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inspirational music : Orange Rebirth – Uplifting Inspirational Music by Hanz Florentino

inspirational music

– inspirational music

Here’s Something A little Different but in the Same Topic.

To The Top [Inspirational Trailer Music]

An inspiring, rugged track I wrote for an epic trailer! Had everest in mind while writing it.

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8 Responses to inspirational music : Orange Rebirth – Uplifting Inspirational Music by Hanz Florentino

  • Hi Damon, please email me at with´╗┐ details and we can discuss a score for your film further. Thanks! ­čÖé

  • im makeing a movie(probely be time today but next year)….i was thinking, i want a score made for´╗┐ the movie,and this style is perfect for it….youll defenetly be credited and if you want ill post it on youtube when i finish editing, can i send you the movie, and possibly you can score it for me?(im just an amature)

  • The libraries I have, and most commonly use, are:

    Hollywood Strings
    East West Symphonic Orchestra Complete
    QL Golliath

    I just recently´╗┐ got LA Scoring Strings and Symphobia 2.

  • It seems he has nearly every library.
    – Symphobia 1+2
    – EWQL GOLD or Platinum
    – Drums of war 2
    – Piano in´╗┐ blue
    – cinematic strings 1 or 2
    – and maybe some Cinesamples stuff

    But i think that he doesnt use LA Scoring Strings.
    Hope you know that I only have tried to assume which libraries he has.

    GZ Erik

  • Is there any way I could please use this´╗┐ for a future video of mine?

  • Can you tell me the particulars on your computer specs & instrument library? I’m´╗┐ searching out a lot of libraries and I’m interested in getting the best.


  • Another great one. You should package these and sell them like Pro Score. Or´╗┐ put some of these up on Music Bakery.

  • Reminds´╗┐ me a bit of “Mass Effect 2!” Lovin’ it!!!

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