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inspirational music : TCU Baseball 2012 – The Grind

inspirational music

This is the intro video for TCU Baseball 2012; it is a follow up to the 2011 video, “Quiet Confidence”. Produced by Red Productions – http://redproductions.c…
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To support Kelvin and young innovators like him, please visit 15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in…

– inspirational music

30 Responses to inspirational music : TCU Baseball 2012 – The Grind

  • please send it to me!

  • yeah,mine too

  • ty 4 ListenToYoutube man. may be u saved my life 🙂


  • Sarcasm

  • Trying to use dumb logic to make excuses lol little bitch you’ll never succeed

  • Nah, no thanks, I’m just going to listen to that voice of self-doubt. I am, after all, a human being – and therefore fundamentally flawed. Jesus Christ is the only one who was ever perfect. It’s not a coincidence that he never bothered to play baseball. He wasn’t that vane.

  • god i love it im going to the gym

  • I have the script if you want it.

  • rise and shine! 🙂

  • I feel as if this would be better with The Batman. Nope I don’t feel it I know it.

  • You can find the words to this in the comments here:


  • Seriously this is such a great pep talk for EVERY sport

  • ANY one know where the words for this are posted?

  • Going to the gym in a few when my gym clothes are done drying!!!!

  • I*

  • Engineers are God’s gift to humanity, Kelvin is a gift.

  • Wow! Imagen what he can do if he can Go To school or collage!

  • wow 

  • Great Job Kevin.. keep on moving,learning, and doing what you love lil long as your happy thats all that matters…btw mad respect to your parents on how polite you are will take you a long way in life so dont lose it regardless of lifes hardships and all bonehead haters out there…peace

  • I really do see your point.. the indoctrination of hate into children by their parents or even outside influences regardless of skin tone undermines everything and is needed to be completly stopped in todays society. Inorder to further advance and become peacefully productive society this is a must. Its a never ending cycle of butthurt atm..a cancer that keeps spreading from one ignorant mouth to the next and so on regardless of skin tone. Just a stereotypical Rednecks 2 cents is all lol.. peace

  • Can you imagine how many geniuses have gone undiscovered in the world?

  • told you that concept that black know nothing is only alive in america, white american give blacks a tiny box and expect them to grow! sigh…

  • Great Video !!!

  • An inspiration.

  • its not about TV at all. its about the abysmal way math is taught. from kindergarten they dont even try to make it fun, teachers dont cover the history of what your learning and so you can never become fascinated before you actually start working. teachers just show you the steps to something you couldnt care less about and have you regurgitate them all over some fucking worksheet…the teachers are the problem, even people with Doctorates are usually shit teachers.

  • Not just Africa! all over the globe! :O

  • Honestly some people sicken me. I can’t believe that we are in 2013 and that people still actually care about what race, skin color, religion, etc. someone has. So what, we are not going to let good things happen just because someone that is different than you is the one making things happen? This kid is remarkable and shouldn’t be looked down on because of his race. When I see a remarkable person I don’t see black or white I see brilliance.

  • Why are there so many haters?

  • If this kid can do this from basically nothing……. it makes us wonder why we even complain. This is a great thing.

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