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inspirational quotes : Get Inspired – Best Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quotes

Get Inspired - Best Inspirational Quotes

Here is a video I made of best inspirational quotes. Hope they inspire you. More at The music is a piece by Bach played on guitar. Video produced by
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Hans Zimmer- Time, mixed in with various audio quotes from Rocky, Gladiator, Peaceful warrior, and vido clips from Kai Greene interview, Snatch, and the New York time lapsing piece by Aaron Smith (Cinematography) Edited by Adam Smith Also various pictures.. i do not own the right to the song Time, pictures, video clips, audio clips, quotes, etc. I just mashed them all together to create this motivational music vid.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • …. worship “Choseness” and who lack conscience have done to Westernised cultures as well as threatening Eastern cultures too, Religion & Religiosity being the mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement.

  • … Spiritual, Shakespeare is what He alluded-to when He wrote, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are thought of in your philosophy”, because He is Of Divinity. One reason why the pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen One, is trying to replace Shakespeare with one of their own vacuous superman creature worshipful of Fame, Fortune & Immortality – their Golden Lamb who is none other than the superman who lacks Depth/Heart. And just look at what all these supermen who …

  • Interest, which mesmerises by engaging and confining its victims with information which is invariably somewhere in the middle. The Whole/Reality is beautiful and gifts Bliss when realised.

    Reality is not about something religious, mystical, secretive, ritualistic, undecipherable and so forth. These nonsensicals lack Heart/Depth. You might be/think-you-are interested only in Shakespeare but He is not what you perceive through The Material. When perceived through the non-material, oka The ….

  • … find/be self firstly and lastly. This is because when one is Self, there will be no Other. Am trying to find or start a blog or even write a book about it – anonymously – because when there is the messenger, the message will be sidelined. YT and its ilk are useless because their aim is Fame, Fortune & Immortality and all the funny stuff behind/driving them which is not truth, oka the beginning and the ending, but always something in the middle. Just like all propaganda, oka Vested ….

  • Immortalised, oka To Desire Purity – not when there is no Purity within the Desire. To get right into the Middle without having realised The Beginning which actually leads to The Ending too.

    Everything starts with us realising what and why we were born for. Without this fundamental realisation, nothing real is possible and when Reality is absent, its poor superficiality, Relativity, will be the only game going. To relate needs another whereas reality does not need another other than to….

  • …. to basics and work on from there. Without taking that first step, no journey will be realisable. The mistake most people make when trying to understand [and perhaps then realise] Reality/Life/Existence is to read books, oka engaging The Brain/Width/The Past-Future, to be great parrots for “debates”, “viewpointing” and similar Frivolity & Nonsense whereas Reality could only be approached via The Heart/Depth/The Present. One reason is that their main desire is to be Famous, Fortunate & ….

  • is there a version without the background song?

  • what song is it?

  • I never leave comments. But this is worth commenting. Great job!

  • It`s not who you are that holds you back,
    It`s who you think you`re not.

    This is definitly changeling line..

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