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inspirational songs : Adele – Lovesong (album version)

inspirational songs

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10 Responses to inspirational songs : Adele – Lovesong (album version)

  • I’m glad you appreciated Adele’s version more, however music is subjective and by saying so and so’s cover song is better than the original it seems like you wont accept others tastes. I personally find The Cure’s version more real, but i also think Adele is an amazing artist. You also need to give kudos to the original for the creation, especially since Adele found it worthy enough of her to cover. Same with Trent Reznor’s “Hurt.”

  • If there is ONE thing I would have kept (even if only towards the end) it would have been the string pizzicato. But it’s still beautiful.

  • I honestly think this is as brilliant a cover of this song as it gets. The arrangements are perfect, and I love how she found a new rythm to set this song into.

  • Lov3 !!”

  • just play it like a power chord like Kurt

  • You just did too.

  • Calm ur balls

  • —- -

  • Did he just said Nirvana AND Guns n Roses in one sentence?

  • Thanks Marty, btw, could you teach the solo of this song? Im a beginner and thats really the only way I wanna learn it, cuz you make learning guitar fun and easy!

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