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inspirational songs : Inspiring Songs “This Moment!”

inspirational songs

For a free inspiring song download visit: Inspiring Songs by The Satori Sound: “This Moment!” “What if all fear doubt and worry…

– inspirational songs

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12 Responses to inspirational songs : Inspiring Songs “This Moment!”

  • good work mate…!

  • Thank you my friend!

  • Music that find only on the stars, those stars knows this music and make
    it’s dance. I love it.You have done cool and perfect work keep going.

  • @KSAMUSIC1 You rock! Thanks for taking the time to comment;)

  • mmmmh ,nice sound, not irritated to hear.. <3

  • 🙂

  • Man you are WAY COOL! Really, really appreciate the support;)!!!!

  • 🙂 thumbs up! for your work.. thank you for adding me in contacts, I
    discovered your sounds Dj 🙂

  • This is awesome!

  • Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  • This is definitely the track that resonates with me……even your words
    “what are you waiting for ?” I am going through some changes at this point
    in my life….I mean as an artist. I’m 35 and haven’t quite reached my
    goal……so the overall meaning of this track kinda sets back on track.
    Right now, I’m boppin’ my head to it at 1:16pm pacific time. It will hit my
    mind harder at night….I know. That’s when this style of music is most
    potent for me. Keep up the good work man !!

  • glad too, friend.. :),, I’d like your account in facebook and shared your
    sounds in my timeline…;-)

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