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inspirational songs : Lady Antebellum – One Day You Will… my cancer survivors song of hope

inspirational songs

After surviving Cervical Cancer in 2008, this song spoke to me so clearly that I had to put pictures with it to share my feelings of occasional sadness but m…
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– inspirational songs

15 Responses to inspirational songs : Lady Antebellum – One Day You Will… my cancer survivors song of hope

  • I know how you feel and you have and are helping me as I go through my chemo with a positive attitude and a will to go on. I thank you.!!!
    I will continue to pray for you through all this.

  • It’s got to be scary, but try to be thankful for each day…don’t forget that small miracles are still miracles! And remember that there are people who will read what you wrote and, although they might never say anything, are still sending positive hopes and thoughts your way!

  • Both of my parents got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last summer… One month everything was perfect and by the next month both my parents were in ICU… They are now both under going chemo. The doctors only give them both a few months to live. They say everyday they are alive is a miracle. I am turning 16 this year…. this has been the hardest year. I have had three people in my family already die from cancer. Feeling really scared.

  • Stay strong honey, Tennessee sucks I also live in this state, Nashville, there are pa few places that can help you with the costs…call 211 from any phone they will give you a list a people that would be willing to help you..

  • I am only 10 and my gramdmas sister died shes my aunt and everytime I here a cancer song I always cry. I miss her so much I love her I miss come back to me she had brain cancer I miss her!!!!!

  • I lost my papaw this cancer… it was like ripping my heart right out of my chest it was hard and still is two years later. Every time someone brings him up I tear up and have to leave the room I miss u papaw lots and wish I could see u one more time for one last hug…

  • Everyday survivor of chiari malformation

  • keep your heart strong. I am in remission from lung cancer, since october 2011. Had 1/2lung taken out. Sending good hope to you & your mom. Hugs, many, many, many hugs.

  • i lost my mum to breast cancer when i was 2. i made a poem for her… where is my mum, i do not know but for every kiss my heart will grow

  • Surivour, melamoma and non hodgkins lymphoma.. its still in my brain, dormant but Im alive.

  • I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when I was only 10, but that was over 3 years ago. I was a cancer survivor by the age of 12

  • My friend is battling breast cancer. I really don’t want to lose her.

  • I was diagnoised with polycythemia as well, and it’s not a cancer at all. It just means that your marrow is making to much blood. I go and donate a pint of blood once a month and I’m good. You need to check with your doctor.

  • I have a cancer blog:

  • A friend I never got to meet an know died recently and I just heard. I don’t know what to do anymore, I have never had a true friend like her.

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