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inspirational songs : Na Autograpah songs – Mounamgane Yedagamani

inspirational songs

HD Video Song from Na Autograph.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

– inspirational songs

24 Responses to inspirational songs : Na Autograpah songs – Mounamgane Yedagamani

  • I like this song I want to listen this song again and again to get lot of confidence. Thanks for the entire team for bringing such type of nice songs , It is really inspirationsl song and inspired many young and talented youth.

  • magical song its create miracle

  • Chandra bose garu you are the best

  • intresting song

  • more than 100 times i watched this video, still i could not stop wetting my eyes..

  • i love this song….

  • I love this song.


  • ok.

  • Ever inspiring song more so when the chips are down and one is losing confidence on one self.

  • hat’s of writer

  • every body had talent hate’s of to this song

  • I love this song very much. Inspiration to everybody.
    its true.


  • “every thing z possible …….nthng z impossible in this world.”

  • You are absolutely correct, but my point is, if one listens Kannada and Telugu or Tamil and Telugu at the same time, he will get feeling like listening two inspirational songs. If he listens Kannada and Tamil at the same time it feels identical because it look like almost translated in Kannada but rewritten inTelugu. Probably if you watch other songs or whole movie in all three languages you can definately find difference here.

  • Great song and very practical one in any one’s life.

  • so so

  • People who love to watch or listen Chiranjeevi sir videos watch them otherwise please don’t watch them just move to other video’s which u like to watch.
    Just simply don’t give bad comment’s. Every Hero has there own talent. They were known for there work. We all are Indian’s we should support our own peoples work..

  • stalin

  • from stalin movie

  • please tell me from where is the starting music is taken??

  • thats true :)

  • Chiru has done a lot lot now he want to relax.But we people Keeping his age factor in mind we must NOT EXPECT much from him(like his real risky dances&fights).But we can stop if any kind of damage was going knowingly or unknowingly against him..being his well wishers.

  • We started liking him from Telugu ….. so lets concentrate on Telugu 🙂
    and more over we love him what ever he is ………….

  • U people hav not seen many mistakes in CHIRU HINDI FILMS.
    1)Worst dubbing,Worst singers,Worst songs given in ALL chiru HINDI FILMS
    2)Even his dubbed movies also a kojja-laffangigadu DUBBING cheppadu.
    UNSINK SINGER,dirty shots picturised on CHIRU in wrong way wantedly.
    4)His hindi films didn’t clik
    5)SP Balu only suits his voice bt a kojja sung his songs.
    Fans plz set right dem.

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