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inspirational songs : Original Inspirational music by Paul Collier (08)

inspirational songs

Enjoy smooth relaxing beautiful music, no words, a gentle instrumental, Take a break from your busy life The Kingdom of heaven By Paul Collier Copyright 2008…

– inspirational songs

13 Responses to inspirational songs : Original Inspirational music by Paul Collier (08)

  • This composition was very nice….thank you!

  • It’s been roughly a year since your post. I pray that your relationship with Christ has since strengthed. Oh and, well…that very possibly was God speaking to you then…sure wasn’t the devil. ☺†

  • I can see it clearly… You do not trust yourself…. Why? You do not need others approvement…. You are such a beatiful soul…. Your music is Divine….

  • this music is so wow makes me feel so calm and relaxed 🙂 i cant explain it but i feel so at peace? i can just imagine the angels humming to this and God reaching out his hand for me 🙂

  • I’ve just had a row with my father…we’re like in “cold war” and it’s sad because I love him and he does as well…Music makes me feel peaceful and encourages me to forgive.

    Thanks Paul 😉 Your music follows each step of our lives…Even when it’s hard to forget or forgive….music heals us ,)

  • I love this music and listen to this I’m using this for my mission project I mean come on! This is a TOTALLY music for my project!!!

  • Amazing,tnx Paul

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  • Muy linda música.

  • Amazing music. God has blessed you Paul 🙂

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  • Paul you are gifted my brother. God has a plan for you, your music touches the soul and not alot of songs or music can do that. I love your music, I am going through so much and everytime i listen to your songs it calms me down. Keep up the great work

  • paul you are gifted. Your music reaches to the soul.

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