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inspirational songs : The Greatest Speech Ever Made

inspirational songs

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

The creator of this video is in desperate need of assistance. If you have been inspired or moved by this mash up and would like to help a young, struggling s…
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Tears and laughter in the span of about 15 minutes — that’s what’s so astonishing about these Macklemore & Ryan Lewis songs. The first time I heard “Same Lov…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 Responses to inspirational songs : The Greatest Speech Ever Made

  • our world would be much better off than we are now.

  • Sorry mate. But that’s what a soldier does. I joined up myself but as soon as I learned what it was I was being used for I quit. You’ll have a good life and make good friends and I hope you come back to enjoy a good continued life but freedom or equality will not be something you’ll be fighting for friend. Popular uprisings fight for freedom and equality. Armies fight for domination and submission.

  • but all i see in the comments are people trying to get top comment by writing something “deep” which is pretty much just irony to the whole meaning of the video…

  • Why are we even on differentiating terms. Listen to the words of that video. Forget what I said. Accept my hand of friendship because regardless of differences of opinion we’re all one in this world 🙂

  • Even if I am joining the army I feel this is perfect I will be a soldier..But I will not fight for greed or power I will fight for freedom and Equality… I will not become a machine for some rich old man to use to kill and gain power for himself.

  • What if we listened to Charlie? What if fought for our liberty against the tyrants, the dictators, and the communists? What if we fought for a new world?

  • It wouldn’t be racist to say ‘that white guy’. Why is it racist to say ‘that black guy’?

  • i am obsessed

  • you mean you love that guy in the suspenders to the side sorry but I still don’t get why we need to put “black” guy rather than just GUY

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