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inspirational songs : We Call On Him by David Lennard

inspirational songs

David Lennard’s new recording of “We Call On Him” recorded in the USA, on his frist visit here from Scotland. We Hope that you will enjoy this Beautiful,Spiritual and Inspirational song, sung by David! Song by David Lennard. Produced by PR Skillicorn. Written by Fred Karger- Sid Wayne- Ben Weisman.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

LeAnn Rimes pays tribute to LGBT youth everywhere as she joins our holiday concert. Honoring the memory of those who have taken their lives in desperation, and to those who struggle with anti-gay bullying and discrimination – we remind everyone that It Gets Better!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

– inspirational songs

9 Responses to inspirational songs : We Call On Him by David Lennard

  • Thank You Susanna!

  • Nice Channel! I subbed! Would you return the support? Also, check out my other Channel TheArgieLife and I’ll sub you back from that one too!!! <3 from Argentina! Heidi

  • As I said on facebook, this gives me shivers. Your voice is getting more and more masterful, Dave, and I really think you are terrific singing Elvis Gospels. You put so much heart & soul into your performances!

  • Thank you goes to Pamela and David

    for the fantastic work on this recording.

    Thank you both, and have a happy and Prosperous New year 2013!!

    Love & Appreciation from Zuzanna

  • Dear Pamela I am happy to be here,
    and with the New Year Upon us
    I wish you the very best for the coming year!
    The video upload it great! I do find you …The Light led me to you darling Lady.
    Thank you for the lovely recording and video.
    Subscribed to your channel. It is an honor to know you.
    Have a fantastic New Year 2013!!
    The poem below I wrote on the fly.
    It is not perfect but short and sweet.
    Peace & Love and kindest greetings from Canada,
    from Susanna129/Zuzanna

  • Happy New Year 2013!

    May the LIGHT of Christ be with you?

    May the circle of friends be kind to you?

    May all the Angels guide you?

    May the life is smooth for you.

    May your heart is filled with happiness and love,

    And you may feel the love from others.

    With respect and love…Best wishes from Zuzanna

  • very moving.

  • Very beautiful song.

  • She got a thumbs up before she sang a single note. You go LeAnn!

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