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inspirational songs : What Would Love Do Now– Inspirational Video with inspirational songs– LOVE SONGS by Laughing Bird

inspirational songs

What Would Love Do Now-- Inspirational Video with inspirational songs-- LOVE SONGS by Laughing Bird The love song in this inspirational video was written in Lancetilla Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Honduras. After driving th…
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– inspirational songs

Here’s Something A little Different but in the Same Topic.

My Wishes to all for a bright future filled with Health, Wealth, Happiness, Prosperity and Stupendous Success. I truly appreciate all your kind support and e…
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15 Responses to inspirational songs : What Would Love Do Now– Inspirational Video with inspirational songs– LOVE SONGS by Laughing Bird

  • excellent work

  • Madhav excellence of youth

  • very inspirational song ….thanking you sir!

  • Viplov, I am really inspired by your song. This is kind of encouragement and inspiration students needs any time to succeed. You are doing a extraordinary work for the society. I am planning a programme to motivate and guide the unemployed youth in our region. I would love to play this song in the programme.

  • Thanks Bro..Thanks for your lovely inspirational song…I Love You..

  • All the songs are unique in their presentation and your first song lyrics are really out of telugu context words are so pure and first time words, need to listen and its so intense that you got to listen without interruption. wish you should continue to motivate our telugu people.

  • Hi viplov… thnku for giving a rely inspiring song… lyrics r super..m

  • hai viplov,good song ,mee voice chala baagundi,video kuda bagundi.manchi sanadeshamunna song.prathi okkaru variloni power gurthinchi kastapadithe yenno vijayalu sadincha vachhu. neti yuvathani melkolipe marikonni albums mee nundi vastayani aashistunna

  • IMPORTANT: I have no Political affiliation, No Religious affirmation, No Race discrimination, No Caste Bifurcation. I believe everyone can be Great!! I will do my best to make everyone realize their inherent potentialities. That is my calling and that is my motivation for the rest of my Life. I believe in Human Potential which “if used” can make anyone achieve anything. – Viplov Sen A

  • In this world of plagarism, you are a real good man asking my permission to use the Song. Please use it, if you can mention my name somewhere it will benefit me in getting more views to my other/future videos. Please send me an email I will forward an mp3. Thanks watching and also for your kind comments.

  • hai brother song is super ga vundi and with ur permission can i use this song to inspire many people

  • Brother Awsome song. Thanks for uploading.

  • Hi Vijay, send me an email I will send mp3s to you. You will find the second motivational song here.

  • Hi Viplov its my pleasure to chat with you…i listen to this song everyday before going to bed for an inspiration and encouragement…Could you please compose few more songs to listen whenever i feel disappoint ……… Thanks a lot..

  • thanks for ur reply. dont stop keep move to give inspiration

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