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inspirational songs : Wrap Your Wings Around– INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO, Inspirational Songs, Relaxing Music by Laughing Bird

inspirational songs Some call it intuition; others call it inner guidance. Whatever it is, once you begin to rely on it, it “sounds” mighty quiet wh…
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– inspirational songs

Here’s Something A little Different but in the Same Topic. Inspirational songs by Recording Artist and Inspirational Speaker DeDe Murcer Moffett sings Love’s Divine which depicts her …

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14 Responses to inspirational songs : Wrap Your Wings Around– INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO, Inspirational Songs, Relaxing Music by Laughing Bird

  • DeDe, that was inspirational to me! Amazing!

  • Thank your Shawn! I appreciate you stopping by to send that message to me.
    Your kindness adds love to my life in profound ways!

  • Have you ever read the book, called “The Artists Way?” (or any of these for
    that matter) It’s a book about unlocking your creativeness, and helping you
    find yourself. It’s an incredible book. They sell it on Amazon, if you’d
    like to check it out. Again, another beautiful performance! I love your
    vibrato! Keep singing! And I’ll see if I can come up with, or find a song
    or two for you. God bless -Trevor

  • Thank you for your kind comments. Yes addiction is a tough one. We all
    struggle with some form of distraction from our pain. I have found the only
    way out is to feel that pain and stop running. Scary and painful but there
    is life on the other side. I wish I had a magic answer for you.
    Unfortunately I don’t but I do know FOR CERTAIN you are worthy of a life
    that’s free. Blessings go out to you.

  • You have a beautiful voice and this is a great song! You have great control
    and sing beautifuly. Most of all your song and your life are testimonies.
    Great work!

  • Wonderful…a beautiful voice, a beautiful and gifted woman…I want to
    hear more and more…


  • This song is your best so far, DeDe. I can’t believe I just discovered it
    tonight. It’s a very uplifting tune. A perfect song for a cold winter’s
    night in NYC. I love the little bow at the end. Cute…Robert.

  • I would like to hear more of your life story, that is what is inspirational
    to me 🙂 beautiful voice DeDe! I’m proud of the journey your on now, a life
    in recovery is marvelous isn’t it? HUGS

  • I say recoverd not recovery. If youare always seeking you will never find.
    If your always recovering your will never recover. . Living from an
    internal knowing of who you are – not who others say you should be – is
    freedom. With this freedom comes the desire to stop numbing out. Thank you
    for your kind words! – dede

  • Your Voice is Food for my soul. Such passion is a rarity…especially in a
    LIVE performance………Truly PURE! God Bless You and your
    endeavors…….Dont ever stop singing Sweet Lady !

  • Amazing!!! Your voice is a gift and you are a gift to us – so keep posting
    and singing! xoxo

  • Thank You Mr. Baker – your encouragement is food for my soul! Thank you for

  • Dede, I have been watching the “snap out of it” and I must say… “you
    NEVER sieze to amaze me!” It is so inspirational…. The song I believe is
    amazing! Can’t wait to get a copy of the CD! Your voice is just fabulous!
    How much do you charge for coaching? Tandy

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