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inspirational songs : YOU’RE THE ONE a Love Song-w/ lyrics (Original) by The PJ GRAND BAND

inspirational songs

You’re The One-by The PJ GRAND BAND MP3 (click) Lead vocal by Bettie Wilson from The Album Grand Songs by The PJ GRAND BAND …

– inspirational songs

13 Responses to inspirational songs : YOU’RE THE ONE a Love Song-w/ lyrics (Original) by The PJ GRAND BAND

  • i hate when people do that.

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  • “Let Love In” Trek To Trango’s Channel, awesome love song! Follow link at bottom of this post! You won’t be sorry, but thank me emphatically!

  • my mom passed away a lil over 5 years ago. and its still hard to believe. I lost her the day after my sixteenth birthday. I wont say it gets easier. And I wont say the pain goes away. But it does get better. It sucks. It really does. But your dad is still there even if you dont see him. Just keep that in mind.

  • awww I’m sorry Honey, remember to keep your chin up even when things are at their worst 🙁

  • my dad died this year may and im 13 he died from cancer

  • i feel the same way but my dad died before almost 3 years

  • Nice song:) Anyone that needs some inspiration, music can be a healer. I have a song that was inspired by living everyday as if it was the last.. because none of us kinows how long we have (it doesn’t matter who the person is).. if you or someone needs a superdcharged song check it out – its the primary song on my channel right now.. stay strong.. live life!

  • i cant stand it it is so beautiful and what really makes me sad about this song is when my dad died because he was the best dad ever till he passed away six years ago i wish i see my dad one more time all i want to say is i really really really really really really really really really really really want to see him again

  • thumbs up fore you

  • ikr lmao

  • WOW! For a production from 2008, the production is very amazing! Amazing journey! I had to back it up into the middle and play it forward again. Powerful! Thank you for this gift! HUG!

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