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inspirational speeches : 40 Inspirational Speeches “Plus One”

inspirational speeches

It’s only 2 minutes, but well worth it. I saw this video of 40 great movie quotes and just needed to add “One More” missing quote at the end. It was one I he…

– inspirational speeches

Here’s Something A little Different but in the Same Topic.

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18 Responses to inspirational speeches : 40 Inspirational Speeches “Plus One”

  • Those fangirls need to SHUT THE FCK UP!!!!!

  • His right you know you’ll understand it when your older!

  • Opportunity,Be Sexy and Living Life……..I dont think anyone knows how
    much i love “Chris” Ashton right now 😀

  • People trolled my aunt because she put up a picture of her disabled
    daughter on facebook, and they made fun of her, saying she deserves to die
    and was ugly etc. She then killed her daughter and committed suicide. I
    don’t blame the trolls entirely, but does that mean they contributed to
    their deaths indirectly?

  • I think so many didn’t really understand the brilliant things he was

  • He said some real shit here.

  • Very well done Chris! – Finally something positive for our youth. – I wish
    other Actors would do the same. -Shame on them.

  • swaghollywood is probably one of the 13 year old girls in the audience
    screaming randomly, not listening or comprehending the great information
    Chris is trying to convey. This isn’t a “funny” speech…

  • If he was ugly and made it, like say 50 cent or something, then I would
    have some sympathy for his white ass.

  • I’v noticed in the past few years more and more industry stars are coming
    out to reveal the evil that plagues the world. I wonder what they know that
    makes them flock by the dozens, could we be inches from a “holocaust part

  • Well said sir,

  • Too bad this speech was completely wasted on this audience of screaming
    pre-teens. Inbetween the squeals, freak-outs and giggles, is a great
    message that all of us could take to heart.

  • I’m gonna just go ahead and assume i’m not the only one mad at this fucking
    title. This is why the world is failing, because people think this was

  • I never liked him until this! He spoke from his heart to an audience that
    may or may not listen! But I think he truly meant what he said! I admire
    that in today’s world of tragedies everywhere!

  • As a fellow Iowan, I salute Ashton Kutcher for using the big stage to tell
    the truth!

  • I don’t believe it was intended to be funny. It sounded like he had pride
    in working and holding any kind of job.

  • Yayyy Chris Kuctherrrr!! lol

  • how can these kids even tie their fucking shoes ? shut the fuck up fucky XX
    degeneration pricks

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