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inspirational speeches : Amazing Motivational Speech by Joel Osteen Live With Confidence.flv

inspirational speeches

We often get intimidated some one else and try to think how they are better than us. Try to copy them to look cool like them or get that attention. This make…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Be inspired by Bill Gates – the most successful and the richest dropout in the world! Feel free to comment, like, sub…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    It’s Not About How Much Money You Have

  • Joel Osteen’s a good motivational speaker and comedian in which he loves to make people feel good and laugh. But Jesus is just a side note in his sermons! The “Champion in you” should be “Jesus Christ”, not yourself!
    2 Timothy 3:16-17: 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
    He stays away from certain scripture.

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  • You should try God’s goodness sometime – I think you’ll really like it!!! The Bible says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and everyone will either do it here on earth or after they transition into the next life, for eternity. Whoever you are, know that I am not a Bible flinging hell fire screaming hypocrite, I am merely a person who has the power of God in my life, and I have never been so happy, and I truly care about you.

  • Other than he does not teach Christianity. 

  • Well you may be right, he’s a preacher, broaden your perspective, see beyond that.. he is a religious person he’s expressing things in his way, how do you expect an accountant to teach you mathematics… I mean just listen to it, i’m not a christian, but i can say whatever he said was good.

  • I agree with @Susan Jane Terry !! -please.

  • I have a smartphone-app.w.Joel… ;D

  • Will the owner of this page please do something about the spam haters? They need to be reported and their comments removed. You have the power to BLOCK THEM. Please do because they are ruining it for everyone.Thank you.

  • You lost me at “Everybody Pick up your bible”

  • Preach a real gospel not prosperety.salvation much…this is very important…i challege u preach the hell.if u r real

  • What a great message.

  • Oh my God !!! STIFF DAYS really works !! Just Google STIFF DAYS !!

  • CON.
    If while a man sleeps and he rolls from the bed truth will demand that once the bed has been left this man will hit the ground..But in doing so he will be awakened.
    Flesh is flesh.
    But if while a man sleeps and he dreams he is falling..Truth demands its not the truth of the flesh that is falling..Spirit is spirit it was willing it was already in flight.
    To wake up before this truth hits the ground is not to follow the spirit but to wake up and save your life.
    That wisdom U R looking for

  • CON.
    If one truth is asleep while another truth is falling they remain of two separate witness’s..Lest the can meet while still in the air and agree as one to hit the ground
    Flesh is flesh spirit is spirit.

  • Look at all the things that R said..You have to look within to find the kingdom
    Your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak..Wait for the spirit to fall..
    If you Fall I will catch you but if by chance U hit the ground I will be there to pick U up and dust you off..The battle is going to be in the air..If U save your life U will lose your life Only by grace that U be saved. CON.

  • God bless religion does not witness to the son of man but to their religions
    This man ask Jesus what must I do to become like you.
    Jesus told this man what he had to do
    Then Jesus went and walked on water and no one has done it sense
    Wisdom says this understanding is lost to the world of men.
    To sum up either their faith is no good or their understanding of walking on the water is..Not what goes in to us making us wrong but what is coming out.
    Seen of the truth went in and its what is coming out

  • hey, i really wish you accept Jesus but you know there is a different route you can achieve this other than christianity, you maybe can look into Islam and find out the different religions out there. Peace

  • This is what i need right now in this low time in my life. I am searching for wisdom but i hate church. There something i like about this guy. and i hope one day i would truly accept Christ

  • Listen to this every morning instead of talking on the phone to your negative talking friends and family on the phone. It will change your life!

  • Thanks for posting this great speach..

  • Bill Gates is the biggest degenerate the world could ever produce

  • Bill Gates the most open person in the world about depopulation. Wake up.

  • Bill Gates should tell everybody now how he donates millions of dollars a year to pharmaceutical companies to help lower the population. He should tell people about his role in the Bilderberg group in an attempt to rip apart the United States constitution. Bill gates father should of wore a condom.

  • I would wanna sound like Kermit if i get what he gets.


  • Just becuase you reach Harvard doesn’t mean youre done and that you succeeded already. Everybody needs motivation from time to time.

    Also, great people don’t waste time on people that doesn’t do well. If you show them that you are willing to suffer and to work your ass of, you deserve their time. If you’re just half-assing everything obviously you need to get your own shit together first…

  • great man..great speech

  • 3:50 the guy on the left with the sunglasses is not amused xd


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  • It’s nothing new to praise and honor someone after achieving success. What matters who and how many actually recognizes your spirit when you are in the journey and you are not known for anything. A degrees is only a re-assurance that you can do it. Having said that, we can’t take away the credibility from Mr.Gates.

  • Don’t call me that. That’s insulting. As far as going to Libya goes, the four who died were govenremnt officials working at the embassy, dummy. 

  • lol.. if you had no family or cultural reason to go to Libya and went anyway; you’re asking for it.. good day dextroll

  • … because presidents and billionaires have to be careful what they say. Imagine if he said he didn’t like the Chinese or if Obama said how much white people pissed him off. I’m not saying they think like that but seriously what do you expect? Look at what happens on twitter when celebs say something remotely personal someone always gets offended.. Just look at you getting offended because they don’t say anything that people can nail them with.. next time think before asking silly questions…

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