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inspirational speeches : APJ Abdul Kalam:”A Leader Should Know How to Manage Failure”

inspirational speeches

Knowledge@Wharton Interviews Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam.

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23 Responses to inspirational speeches : APJ Abdul Kalam:”A Leader Should Know How to Manage Failure”

  • Great President and Great Satish Dhawan

  • 18 dislikes, who are these people :)

  • hahahahaha ur comment shows why we had to get Pakistan. He is ur former president and head of the Nuclaer program but for u he is nothin more than a resource and an ancient enemy. Being born in Pakistan as a hindu woman is better than being born as a mulsim woman in India

  • awesome….. 

  • Very much Inspiring ……

  • sonia gandhi is a bluddy italian bitch bhenchod desh ko noch noch ke kha rahi hai yr he should be the president of india he has vision he has knowledge n he is a great leader wo chutiya pranab mukherjee ko bana dia !!!! -_-

  • great

  • U R my Hero. May god bless India . Let the dream come true by 2020.

  • Great

  • Inspirational personality….Respect you sir.

  • no words to say but read his biography book ” wings of fire ” in that he explained how he strangle for his achievement and how he faced failures once again I salute him and again we want his leadership to rule india

  • the indian icon

  • He is Genius

  • respect..grtful that we got to see a personality like you during our

  • well i would have seen how secular you have been if you were BORN IN PAKISTAN as a Hindu Women.

    AGAIN the same thing , not your fault, with History knowledge of your level its difficult to go beyond Gandhi-Nehru, for example its certain that in India people consider Nehru secular the man who vetoed against construction of somnath temple from GOVT MONEY but the same govt money being flushed to get our POOR MUSLIMS TO go to HAJJ .

  • such people must lead us…. instead of scumbags like kapil sibbal and karunanidhi

  • salute to Mr .APJ Abdul Kalam.


  • Muslims should watch this great man’s videos instead of that stupid Zakir Naik.
    APJ KALAM Sir I Respect you and You are great India.
    You are really an inspirational leader Sir.

  • APJ is flip flopping about Sonia PM candidature, once he sides with fascists propaganda and then in 2012 PRES elections he came out saying he was ready to make Sonia as PM. APJ is a liar, he stopped democracy in it’s path by siding with fascists propaganda and denying Sonia the rightful PM post, which she staked by PURE democracy. The blunder only gets bigger and dirtier with time, APJ will be remebered as WORST president of India. APJ u murdered democracy, shame on you.

  • he’s the only fearless indian such indians nobody else. indians are selfish enough to bury their own country.


  • thank you sir…

  • The government of the day cannot withstand a clean person who is becomming popular day by day.If a opinion poll is taken he will beat every .After Lalbhadur shasthri he is the only person to to take firm decision without fear or favor Long Live ABJ..

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