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inspirational speeches : Compilation of BEST Motivation Speeches (Impossible is nothing)

inspirational speeches

LISTEN IT EVERY DAY TO KEEP SUCCES! Here is Mp3 version of this clip: Listen it every day to keep succes! Best motivatio…

– inspirational speeches

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  • ?????

  • 6.55????? lol

  • Who’s the man at 6:55? Is there any video where I can see why he is crying?

  • My mum and dad doesn’t want me to play basketball but instead they want me to think about my future for a job so my life will be easier. I really love basketball and anything they’ve said hasn’t fazed me to perform any less better than I am. To people out there struggling with similar situations, don’t give up on what you believe is best for you. Don’t let anyone discourage you, because when you’re the one standing at the top and prove them wrong, it will be the best feeling.
    Never give up!

  • Thumbs this down. Sorry

  • list of each individual speech?

  • you may not know of me now..but that’s kool, its a surprise..why you ask? because I’m not done going through the pain .but it diesnt last its temporary like the life we live. but I chose to be great, so the pain comes with it..there’s no short cuts nd I don’t want’ll know me one day

  • Bzbdberb…….tyey

  • Bhshdbx

  • YOU gotta want to be SUCCESSFUL so bad that you forget to eat #FEELGOODNOW

  • Great compilation - I’d strongly recommend people look up and listen to each one of these speeches in full – you won’t be disappointed…

  • My hero

  • 6:55 Who is he ? Name pls 🙂

  • facing the giants

  • It was called facing the giants… ( the movie )

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