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inspirational speeches : Denzel Washington’ Commencement Speech

inspirational speeches

Words of Wisdom from Denzel Washington.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to inspirational speeches : Denzel Washington’ Commencement Speech

  • actually thomas edison failed 1000 light bulb designs not inventions. thats just the bulb

  • ich b in Denzil Washington Fan at German

  • I didn’t give up I didn’t fall back

  • Hey uncle denzal

  • No. He said South Africa…

  • the young black generation looks up to God and not man

  • 🙂


  • Not racist. Just sounds like your making a very general statement about a large population. Not all African American men look up to gangster rappers instead of positive role models. But your right too many do.

  • Did he call Africa a country?? oh no : (

  • Worth watching in the movies and certainly worth listening to in this speech.

  • My Respect for him went up by 1500%

  • Its amazing because speeches like this are helping us abolish incorrect human thinking.

    Want proof? Well, 70 years ago it was unheard of a black man on stage addressing a community, society, country or world.

  • I’m in!!

  • Epic.

  • Sorry if I came across as racist here, but why can’t the young black generation look up to people like Denzel and regard them as role models, I think too much young african americans have false models that are supposedly “ghetto” and “from the streets” and aim to be like them. Respect people like Denzel Washington. I do.

  • Worlds greatest Actor of all time…!

  • One more page n I’ll shut up hahahaha love u Denzel <3

  • Hey guys checkout my motivational video called “Endure” with Ray Lewis on it. I hope you all are inspired and enjoy. Watch and share if you will. God Bless

  • I watch this every time I’m scared about doing something new this is an amazing pick me up. he’s a great person with a very well done speech.

  • Was gonna say, second?! But then i saw your first choice lol good choices!

  • Ok

  • My second favorite actor..first one is will smith 🙂

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