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inspirational speeches : Denzel Washington’s Emotional Speech

inspirational speeches

Movie – Flight (Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle) @ 2012 Watch in High Definition, HD (c) 2013.

– inspirational speeches

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20 Responses to inspirational speeches : Denzel Washington’s Emotional Speech

  • You say your a airline pilot, yet theres a video of you filming your ‘mate’ headbutting a car, and another video of you and your mate ‘drunk as’ hmm…. im not sure an airline pilot would be uploading stuff like that

  • Audio is bad pump up da jam

  • “Oscar…” worthy indeed…

  • film=flight

  • he got a 2nd chance in life he did say some people will forgive me

  • As an Aircraft mechanic,this movie was based on Alaskan Air flight 261 at least the Jackscrew part of it. That Aircraft crashed because alaskan air mechs never serviced that jackscrew as per MM. Its service panel is located high up on the rudder. It was too inconvenient for them to service that actuator.My point is,in the movie,the pilot although he was drunk had nothing to do with the plane crashing.In the real world,somebody has to take the fall.Sad but true.

  • The moral of this story is don’t ever admit your mistakes to others because nobody will ever forgive you for it and there are no second chances in life.

  • In prison but free! Amazing, and I believe him.

  • QUESTION – ARE YOU FREE? do you know that all of your sins can be forgiven TODAY if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior? how/why? carefully watch YouTube videos – DR CHARLES STANLEY ARE YOU READY TO DIE and HELLFIRE THE MOST POWERFUL SERMON EVER and DR JAMES SCUDDER HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN. or go to – ETERNALTESTdotcom. it should help you understand. take this seriously. tomorrow isn’t promised.

  • You’re obviously not an actor so you haven’t a clue what goes in to doing a scene like this. Well, scratch that, we are all actors. Just that some of us get paid for it. You for sure don’t.

  • best actor ever!!

  • An actor that is the best in his work.

  • You troll

  • “for the first time in my life, im free” said no prisoner ever

  • wow wouldwatchagain/10 (not srs) (semisrs) (srs)

    morgan freeman did a great job in that speech

  • anyone could do what denzel did in this scene. i’ts not rocket scientist. if anyone should get credit for this it’s the person that wrote that. get off denzel’s shriveled black dick

  • 10/10 movie (srs). Will Smith is an amazing actor.

  • word. it seems like that scene where hes in the elevator and the little girl is looking up at him, and he realizes that hes still got booger sugar in his nose from those lines he was doing with John Goodman before was really important in his change of heart at the end.

  • Lol

  • Many years more, all the best man.

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