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inspirational speeches : Few good men in Indian politics part-1

inspirational speeches

The first part of the speech starts with good things about functioning democracy, 1979 emergency, political freedom, unelected vs. elected, unaccountable vs….

– inspirational speeches

Here’s Something A little Different but in the Same Topic. Best Motivational Video This is one of the most inspirational speeches I´ve listened to in a very long time. It´s…

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41 Responses to inspirational speeches : Few good men in Indian politics part-1


  • hello jp sir…..
    vo logonko kya bolrahe ho….

    wo logonko ye baatho me interst nahi hi…

    desh ko loot ne ko kuch upaay bathao….

    jab sune ga…….

  • genuine person,

  • jp is the best of our future

  • Excellent Mr. J P Narayanan..this is the state of politics…please work on this…soon the things are going to change…);-

  • great man

  • only this man is enoug to talk with all 512/530 members alone at time .. i m sure .

  • If our government is fighting for minorities then why he did not support Dr A.P.J Kalam in president election although he is capable in all respect.

    because the fact is that the government is fighting for his power and they follow the saying divide and rule.

    I request all the muslim bhai to think over it.
    And let me know if i am wrong

  • sense of humor is amazing buddy :P 😉 i am in office and i am laughing like crazy 😉

  • I agree with the first half of your comment. Most people who support him are abroad. That’s very unfortunate honestly. People who can understand him are going abroad too. I’m kind of scared about his success now 🙁
    By the way, go to Kukatpallynow(dot)com to see what he has achieved there so far in a short time.

  • This man, and even other intellects like Tharoor, are to left-brained to be at the forefront of politics; a last resort for rogues as Shaw stated. People like JP should be in the foremost think-tanks of India and/or the Planning Commission that keeps India afloat despite the massive failure in governance and the rampant corruption by the unscrupulous bastards who are elected by the illiterate masses based on spurious qualifications such as “community”.

  • This man, JP, stood 2nd in all of India in the 1980 IAS exams. Such brains are not at the forefront of politics in India today and that is why India is a distant shadow of its former self; the greatest country on this planet.

    Post-independence, the myopic goals of many politicians starting with Nehru have disemboweled the Indian character, leading many brilliant Indians to emigrate to foreign lands and contribute in places other than their mAtrubhUmI (motherland).

    India, I weep for thee.

  • His speeches tend to be inspiring . I am big fan of his speeches and to be honest he failed as a politician though. and I fortunately belong to the constituency and I doubt he will get deposit this time round if he chose to contest from same constituency.

  • why do you all think he good person …………..?
    he is a cast idiot
    rapist of democracy

  • i wish he was the pm of india…

  • I agree Ajay,in a short span of small party he has resolved many issues in his area.Thumbs up to him.

  • Ask any analyst /critic or a journo to start a party and win in the election atleast one seat without exceeding the amount spent specified by election commission.
    JP is not just a critic he gives solutions ,he already SOLVED so many issues you cant even imagine in your wildest dreams.First you have know what loksatta achieved till now.

  • Well Dressed and Well prepared speech..J.P are an Indian Youtube Politician and 90% of people who support you are abroad and dont vote and people who vote cant understand what you speak..JP Sir is good at..gathering info and preparing and practicing speeches and presenting on occassions…..Politicians should be practical and should Lead. Comman man should understand what he is talking about. Which unfortunately JP sir does not suit. He better suits as an analyst/ critic or a journo.

  • Do you think politics wins over economics in India?

  • @Jakefargo… I think you are hard core TDP guy to malign jp here… He visited 400+ times in 3 years.. more than 1000 + crore works are done , being done .. only because of his efforts… Here is every fact. kukatpallynow com
    do not throw false statements.. I dont know what do you do.. but save your character.

  • For those of you who don’t know the real Dr. JP Narayana, he got voted for the residence of Kukatpally, Hyderabad almost 3 years ago. Not ONCE had he come to the area since he has won the seat. Even i thought this area could change by looking at how he spoke about change, but i got to know the true side of this motherfucker after he got voted

  • hats off Dr.jay.sir our country need ur idea’s,god give strength those have right u sir

  • He is the best political thinker in INDIA ..still our people of AP sell their votes for free bees and Caste… NO one votes Loksatta 🙁

  • lol…. you dont watch films?? In films, some time a minute is as long as an hour…… hahaha 😉

  • ILLUMINATI!!!▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

  • That’s what living is, the SIX INCHES dangling in front of your face.

    Now I can’t make you do it. Look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes. You’re going to see a guy who will take one for the team because he knows when it comes down to it, you’re going to do the same to him.

  • Pfftt.. Al Pacino, ’nuff said.

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  • Templars as well XD

  • just die.

  • I don’t want to be rude to you back, but how would you feel if YOU have to do a holiday homework about a speech? In year 11? And yes, I enjoyed the speech, but thers no need to post such comment, if no one cares about my issue, they could just ignore it.

  • shut the fuck up no one cares, enjoy the god damn speech

  • Any Given Sunday

  • Isnt dennis quaid too old to play football?

  • Anyone notice that at 0:33 there are ILLUMINATI Symbols everywhere!!!

  • lol film time is different to real time, ever noticed when a bomb is on 10 secs to detonate on a film it takes like 5 mins real time? haha

  • what movie is this?

  • Who gives a damn? When the speech is that good.

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