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inspirational speeches : Friday Night Lights Half Time Speech- Movie Footage

inspirational speeches

The classic halftime speech from Friday Night Lights the movie. Awesome motivational moment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to inspirational speeches : Friday Night Lights Half Time Speech- Movie Footage

  • No it’s not.

  • that is the pregame speach..

  • Just a sport?! Football is all some people live for. Its the reason why people make it out. Its the reason why some people graduate. football isn’t just a sport. Football is life

  • We lost state my senior year I got a torn acl in the semi game I never got to play under the lights at state I cried more then anybody that night and for the freshmen enjoy these 4 years its all most of u have left in football it will go by quick enjoy ur time under the lights!

  • I feel you on being small, im only 195 pounds at Defensive end and I play against tackles that at 260 pounds. having heart will will put you ahead of all the size and talent in the world. Just never stop playing, I just came back after a two year hiatus and I would kill to go back and step on that field with my brothers

  • you have never stepped under the lights

  • It aint just a sport to me or a lot of people im in 7th tomorrow Is last last day of 7th so im a 8th grade after summer so I been playing this sport and only this sport since I was a kindergartner. To me its a job for the school and town to make it to State championship game. I haven’t missed a practice yet ever in my football career not one practice have I skipped. I am probally the most dedicated player on my team.

  • You don’t really know what Inspiration is until you’ve checked out my EXTREME INSPIRATION VIDEO.

  • damn they make it so dramatic its just a sport!

  • Im in middle school in 7th bout to be in 8th. My 5th grade year I was the only 5th grader who started I was 120lb and 5ft 2in. I was the smallest not the biggest or strongest but I had heart and put up more of a fight and only one who gave a shit. That yr we went to the middle school STATE game lost to a big team 43-21 I played Tightend and linebacker. My 6th grade year we had a not so bad season went 10-4 lost in the semis 14-17. My past yr 7th grade we went 2-8 didn’t make it to playoffs. sad

  • sounds about like me

  • I did man I miss playing I graduated in class 0f 2008 in 2007 season my senior year we took the team McKenzie Rebels to STATE for the first time since 1980 and we lost to see the video go to TSSAA video portal McKenzie Rebels .vs. South Pittsburgh Pirates

  • shit quality

  • My freshmen yr we had the best team in the state and were picked to win state be perfect all that we lost semis to a shitty team we should have beat by 40 but we had no HEART none at all we lost 20 seniors after that year went 3-7 5-5 and 8-2 senior yr and went back to semis and lost again I never played a state title its sad we let our small town down thats what hurt the most

  • Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

  • Garrett Hedlund!

  • Greatest football movie

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