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inspirational speeches : Funny Motivational Speaker! Patrick Evans Speech! Questions

inspirational speeches

Patrick Evans is a best – selling author & funny motivational speaker. Patrick is the author of SalesBURST! World’s Fastest ( entrepreneurial ) Sales Trainin…

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18 Responses to inspirational speeches : Funny Motivational Speaker! Patrick Evans Speech! Questions

  • beer is pretty motivating.

  • Start each day with a brain workout.

    Armis is used daily by engineers, professors, doctors, pro athletes and motivational speakers around the world for mental fitness.

  • 3:26 — bomb

  • makes me laugh: ZERO! motivates me: ZERO! This guy is NO INSPIRATION at all!

  • Nice Video.I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .

  • the pen is a metaphor… whoa slow down egghead

  • About as funny as a punch in the head and as motivational as your 4th beer…

  • Nothing funny.Bits and pieces of selling.Don’t bother to watch this.

  • Neither funny nor motivational. Horrible and insincere “hard” selling techniques that only create “typical” sales people. His quote of “game show host” towards the end probably sums it up the best. This is not how to create an intelligent and sincere sales person. Maybe he trains telemarketers. (Badly)

  • Not funny or motivational.

  • good good

  • its plain bullshit. Why do some people give positive ratings and comments?

  • Thanks a ton for the video. From this it is evident as to why Patrick is held in high-esteem in the industry.

  • Mark Twain - “The difference between lightning and lightning bug.”

  • I stand corrected: The other thing that might have been a tip was to lie that 2 people on their board were already customers. I’m sure it’s out of context — I’m pretty sure I should sell to those board members THEN sell to them…  but in the video alone it sounds like “Lie like this… it works!”

  • Patrick Evans is simply amazing, he can make people laugh and at the same time provide tips, guides or motivation that can increase productivity.

  • haha its just like the british office

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