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inspirational speeches : Joshua Iosefa’s Inspiring Speech – Brown Brother

inspirational speeches

Joshua Iosefo is 17, a Samoan, Niuean New Zealander, and he’s a prefect at Auckland’s Mt Roskill Grammar. The prefects all make speeches to assembly, and Joshua’s speech, Brown Brother, ended up on YouTube. Read more:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Definitely and inspiration to us all If only we could all have the courage to step up to the plynth and speak so eloquently, there would be no New World Order Think about it………
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to inspirational speeches : Joshua Iosefa’s Inspiring Speech – Brown Brother

  • Very inspiring indeed!!

  • why hate on ron paul, nowadays hes the only one willing to be pres and get killed fighting for liberty, u wanna see romney or obama in this vid??

  • Ron paul sucks

  • Should have left Ron paul, he’s garbage!!

  • He’s my 3rd,
    1. Pres. Obama
    2. Clinton
    3. JFK

  • JFK, Martin Luhter King they were great men. They lost their lives in a battle for good. Humans are full of evil. When someone like these people are rising and gaining power, trying to make this world live in peace, someone has to ruin it all.

  • I would like to see a triple election between.

    JFK,Bill Clinton, and Ron Paul.

    Sadly…..Only my dreams could ever create something so magnifecent.

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