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inspirational speeches : Leadership: Marine Corps Motivation

inspirational speeches

Gunnery Sergeant Wallgreen recites John Glenn’s Motivational Speech at the beginning of Operation Moshtarak just before the Marines board the helo and head i…

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25 Responses to inspirational speeches : Leadership: Marine Corps Motivation

  • Wo in hell invited you here. No respect

  • How the fuck could 20 people dislike this video? What a great leader. Semper Fi!!!

  • Holy crap! Must have been a great teacher…..

  • i have served in the USMC. iraq and afghanistan, multiple times. there is no shame in having what we’d call a broken body, or even broken mind. there are many ways to serve. ‘you don’t have to join the marine corps, join the peace corps’ is what i’ve told many young folks over here. it takes all kinds to build a country…its the time, the labor, the dedication, and willingness to sacrifice a little bit of yourself for others that matter. you don’t need to be physically strong to do that.

  • outstanding!

  • Amazing!

  • Gunnies like that are few and far between now. It’s all about throwing guys under the bus and getting that next promotion for kissing ass now days.

  • Old School Gunny makes me proud. God Bless Gunnies!

  • 0369 PME right there…

  • Reminds me of my history teacher

  • True fucking warrior no one does their job better than marines god bless all of them who pay the ultimate sacrifice thank you marines

  • This is peptalk worth the name…

  • Congrats to you man

  • if you really want it you’ll find a way man! im going july 8th! OORAH

  • I want to join marines so bad asvab in my fucking way

  • I’m pretty motivated. 😛

  • yeah cause your NOT THERE…

  • Fuck you Howard Metzenbaum

  • Thats likely because you have no idea what goes on outside the circle that is your life, and rightfully so because people who care less about themselves will sacrifice liberty, limb and life just so you can search for something on youtube and comment saying how “not motivating” it is. You don’t benefit anything by saying that, you only show your ass, and you should thank your stars that you aren’t forced to serve. Thank everything you have, because it is a choice I make, and other to protect you

  • There is actually nothing motivating about this.


  • combat camera get the fuck away from me!!; YAH!


  • Fuckin RAH

  • Oprah!

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