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inspirational speeches : Madden NFL 13 E3 Trailer – Ray Lewis – HD

inspirational speeches

Tweet This: Ray Lewis shares the emotions of what it takes to build a legacy in the NFL. For more on Madden from E3 visit:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Andy’s beautiful inspirational speech :’) and my fav song SWEET BLASPHEMY by my fav band Black Veil Brides.. so inspiring =’) never give in never back down.. follow me @XChrissyCorpseX
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I feel like Madden always gets rid of the best stuff like the weapons the fantasy challenge and the soundtracks. for the 25th anniversary they should bring it back. i also think connected careers should be online only and bring back the superstar mode and the franchise mode for offline only

  • Willis

  • Best motivational speech ever!!!

  • I’m gonna start listening to this every morning before I start my day from now on !

  • I’m getting them now

  • He has championship rings from the U back in the 90s

  • As I began searching BVB’s Live stuff, there was part of me thinking “hmm they’ve got some work to do in order to truly be a good ‘live’ band.” AND THEY ARE DOING IT. They are getting better by the year. If ppl ever get over the image (one they should NOT change) and just listen to the music, they’re just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger!!!

  • Dude i wnt to here his speech but theres a gril screaming “YOURE AMIZING!”contsenley!

  • @Animator7941 it is not your imagenation his actually did

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