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inspirational speeches : Most Inspirational High School Graduation Speech AGHS

inspirational speeches

Arroyo Grande High School Salutatorian Akash Salam delivers an inspirational speech that bends together realities, struggles and dreams. He took inspirations…

Never Ever Give Up. This is dedicated to all the runners in the world. Please like and favorite so others can see. Thank you TAGS** Video Running Motivation …
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22 Responses to inspirational speeches : Most Inspirational High School Graduation Speech AGHS

  • I was present for this commencement. This speech has to be one of the few amazing high school speeches I have ever heard. so impressed I gave this young man a standing ovation. So glad I got to hear and see him. Please forward this video.

  • Added to favorites. 😀 Good motivation.

  • I’m trying to become a runner and I train hard and when in doubt of giving up I come straight to this video and tear up, get mentally stronger. This video teaches me to not give up on myself ever, I will get better.

  • I’m a runner who’s been though tough times and relied on inspiration to run and never give up. Thank you for this.

  • Im a high school xc and track runner, and when i lose my motivation i always come and watch videos like this, it gives me a new meaning and motivation to run. Great video!

  • That’s what I’d like to know. Always preferred running at night or at sunrise.

  • Inspiring, relentless motivation! Julie

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  • Swallowed in the sea
    Love this video

  • what the song named

  • this gives me inspiration to come back after my badly torn hamstring.

  • Whats the name of the song

  • I think God loves us and cares about each one of us regardless of what we love to do or what we suffer from.

  • Thank you @cupcakechagrin. 

  • It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these other normal people accomplish it easily using Max Muscle Method (Google it).

  • It sickens me to see atheletes assuming god cares about their results meanwhile
    1000’s of children have died today from starvation, disease and violence.
    I guess god just loves cross county running too much to be bothered! What delusion!

  • Videos like this make me appreciate what i have with my relation to track! i would call it a miracle

  • I love the video, my senior yr in hs and I couldn’t be more happier with the way I ran this yr in xc. A pr by 24 secs at the state meet to bring me to a sub 18 (17:58), even though I had never even gone under 19 before. PRE LIVES. 3

  • Bless the Lord.

  • thanks

  • why do I always get motivated to run late at night?

  • this music is sad but makes me wanna go and run

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