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inspirational speeches : Must Watch: IAS Topper Inspirational Speech part 1

inspirational speeches

Dr Faesal 26-year-old MBBS graduate, who topped the list of 875 successful candidates, said that he was not only the first Kashmiri to achieve the milestone but also the second Muslim in the history to achieve this feat. Faesal’s hometown burst into spontaneous celebrations after the announcement of the results and his family members were seen distributing sweets. Fisal said that he aimed not only at cracking Civil Services, the highest job in India, but also at overcoming the odds. His family moved to Srinagar from Sogam village in Kupwara after brutal murder of his father in 2003. His father Ghulam Rasool was a schoolteacher and well-known personality in the village. He fell prey to militants’ bullets without any reason. After father’s death, Faesal’s family left their native place never to return. Fasal’s mother is also a schoolteacher and she said, “I am happy that he achieved his dream.” Despite his science background, ShahFaesal had chosen Urdu literature and public administration as his optional subjects for the civil service exam. ShahFaesal’s success will also inspire budding talents in the valley.

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  • Mr Lancer first u top the IAS exam then you said like this, when u gain that level of power which only possible of labour and smart work not by ur father of ancestors then u will keep authority of this type of speaking.

  • Yar why r u people discussing these type of bullshit? Mr Ishwar is right, come forward and change the world in your manner if u can, and it may be only possible when the work is likewise, ok dude

  • you aint any social worker in any angle.u are a wannabee retarded freaking idiot, messing around net with some fucked up thoughts, keep that shit to yourself.if you don like our system y the hell are u living in this country?go dwell in pakistan or any hell.if u ever think of speakin agnst reservation outside make sure u reserve a bed for u in hosp!!do sumthin bettr in ur lif go help sum poor people out thr 1 mor thin MIDDLE FINGER UP FOR THOSE WHO THINK ‘RESERVATION’ IS WORST PROVISION IN INDIA

  • I clap for the Same if you think so for yourself

  • First of all , Make Comment on a person only if you know him/her personally and Secondly, I am very proud of India’s Secularism as i am an Army aspirant……… I dont care for any Bias & I am from people who think proud of their real hardwork in non favourable environment !!

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