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inspirational speeches : New Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech.

inspirational speeches

New Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech.

If you like this video, please like my Facebook fanpage: NFL Superstar Ray Lewis shares his philosophy life and what you want out of life takes hard work.
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Using Arnold’s inspirational speech, I put this film together. Whenever you feel like you have lost your way or you are in need of that extra bit of confidence to move forward, play this film. I hope it gives you inspiration and don’t listen to the naysayers! Music: Heroes Of World War II by Alex Khaskin. Licensed from

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  • You have no Idea how hard it was to convince myself not to get “GRIND” tattooed on my damn forehead after watching this. Ray Lewis is one of the few to have a voice that moves people in such a strong direction. I feel honored to simply live in the same planet he does, and all other truly inspirational people. I’m gonna go turn my life around now. I hope you all do the same.

  • amazing!

  • Watch out Tony Robbins because after Ray Lewis and the B.Ravens win the Super Bowl he will be the number 1 inspirational speaker in the world!!!

  • Role Model? WTF? This clown murdered someone and paid the family off. Paid them off. And he act unprofessional… Dancing and falling on the ground praying…That is extremely disrespect..Did Jerry Rice ever dance on the field? or fall on the ground praying acting like a clown> did Joe Montana? Steve Young? John Elway? No. They were not SELFISH players…they were about the TEAM on themselves. No Respect For a murdering, selfish unprofessional clown. A’s and B’s is the only good thing he said.

  • Amazing, just amazing! Impossible Doesn’t Exist! Anybody can do anything! Check out our idefitness website!

  • 🙂 …….

  • I play this video everyday.

  • thanks Arnold

  • Yes arnold used steroids, but genetically, he was one of a kind. I know PLENTY of people in my gym on gear who do compete, none of them look close to his proportion,insertions,build,etc. Steroids or not, just look at arnolds work ethic even compared to most of todays body builders.. Many things come into play Work ethic,Diet,Supplements(gear or no gear),Will,Determination,GENETICS, ect Even compared to many of his eras bb’ers and all of todays, arnold still stands as the best…

  • The pills keep me from doing bad things.

  • It’s not that he did roids and noone else did and that’s why he made it. The playing field was equal to everyone, every bodybuilder uses them. Without putting in the hard work they don’t do shit. Arnold spent his life in the gym. It’s really not cheating.

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