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inspirational speeches : Six Secrets to Success – Official

inspirational speeches

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inspirational speech about his 6 secrets to success, made by me 🙂 Share inspirational quotes, those empowe…
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14 Responses to inspirational speeches : Six Secrets to Success – Official

  • He forgot 5 pounds of steroids and marry into the right family.. Oh the
    worst governor California ever had… Thanks forgiving back Elitist

  • it works 6 rules is the key of like. first is Our Lord God and yes the 6

  • nice 

  • Six Secrets to Success
    1 steroids
    2. steroids
    3. steroids
    4. steroids
    5. steroids
    6. Don’t mention in any publication that you use steroids.

  • Rule #5 Work your butt off.
    A lot of people want to create a lifestyle where they can escape having to
    do this rule but it’s unavoidable. Interesting that Arnold said it was THE
    most important of the rules. 

  • Arnie’s not talking about weight loss at all. He’s talking about how we
    should approach life itself.

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  • Have you read his book?

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  • Eyery human is a God. The Germans were the Sons of Spartans Gods. Modern
    Mainstreammedia tells you, you are no God, a society.

  • Yes, but anti-german government tells young Germans,”muscles are no good”.

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