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inspirational speeches : Toonami – Tom’s Life Speech (HD)

inspirational speeches

“Fall down 7 times, Get up 8”

– inspirational speeches

15 Responses to inspirational speeches : Toonami – Tom’s Life Speech (HD)

  • But, Ghost In The Shell is just fucking talking.

  • damn with steve blums voice, and tom just making that speech, pretty damn good, but I never realized he was using bible words with that fall 7 times sorta thing. pretty awesome if you ask me.

  • 0:57 In the context of the show, that smile does NOT go with this speech.
    Like, at all.

  • What shows are in this promo besides Bleach, GitS: SAC, FMAB (those are the ones I already know)

  • Cowboy bebop is the longest running show on Toonami. I think before it used to be Trigun and Inuyasha.

  • Tom, why are you so awesome?

  • Definitely needed to hear this after the sad events of today.

  • It wasn’t just a channel on T.V., it was an experience

  • wow for a sec it sounded like the old toonami

  • I’d never heard this speech before until a few days ago I was at an anime convention in Tucson and Steven Blum himself was there. Someone told him how much the speech effected him and Steven began to say it aloud. I had been depressed for some time and had no motivation to work on anything but after I heard that I feel like I have gotten a second chance at making a difference. Thank you Steven Blum now I feel like I can do anything

  • Wow, that was quite powerful, and very true

  • Tom has some really good speeches

  • So basically don’t give up. I could make a better speech, but he did it in just a minute…he gets props for that. 🙂

  • Yay same here xD

  • Great speech

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