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inspirational videos : absolutely the best motivational video ever!!!

inspirational videos

absolutely the best motivational video ever!!!

God wants to see our absolute best Can we say TO God “I’m gonna give you my best” In what extent will you give your best to God? Your very best?! keep going! never quit! DON’T QUIT TILL YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT! God need you, God need us GOD Gifted You the Ability of Leadership..Don’t Waste It ! You are the most influential person in your organization Keep driving! keep your faith
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5 Responses to inspirational videos : absolutely the best motivational video ever!!!

  • i like pears

  • I’m not going to call you an idiot becouse your probubly not but I do want to ask you something the point is obviouslly if you keep pushing yourself even past what you think are your own limits you can accomplish anything now for my question why do you say this video is so uterlly dumb not trying to start a fight I just want to discuss your comment and I feel you should respond becouse you made the choice to make your comment public

  • You’re a real fucking dumbshit, you know that? I mean you do know that…don’t you? If you don’t want to comment on my comment, which I don’t really understand why anybody would, but then just shut up and don’t comment. But to make the kind of assasine remark you just did…well, seems you have some experience with that ditch digging thing (don’t really know what that has to do with anything, but hey, you’re the one that brought it up (lol)). Sometimes it’s better to just leave it alone.

  • Not everything is spoon fed to you in this life. If you can’t figure out the point to this…well, the world needs ditch diggers too.

  • Coach. What is it Jeremy? I weigh 160.

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