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inspirational videos : An Inspirational Story about Life – “The Man and the Butterfly”

inspirational videos

I came across this story today and wanted to share it with all of you through this slideshow.. ^_^

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  • Thank you so much for your intelligent reply, Jeremy…I am so weary of the knee-jerk antagonism of people who, of their own choice, have rejected the tenets of faith. The take-away lesson of this sweet video for me is that I cannot experience any kind of personal growth – whether it be physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual – by evading the necessary struggles of life. It has nothing to do with helping those more unfortunate that ourselves in society. It has everything to do with love.

  • very nice……

  • I’m late but I just had to answer. God is The Man and we are the butterfly. The way we want God to help us is portrayed by the man and his actions. The struggle that the butterfly goes through represents our own struggle we face in life. This lesson is not about moral but rather an understanding on how God doesn’t stop and solve problems for us, but instead he allows us to go through the fire to shape us into better leaders, friends, and business owners. In the bible read DANIEL CHP 3 VS 19-26

  • I don’t see any good morals to this story, because it was pointless for the man to help the butterfly and he made it worse, so does that mean we shouldn’t try to help each other when we struggle because we just make it worse? This is a horrible story to mr and I can’t understand how anyone can see it in a positive light.

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  • Dog shit. The butterfly evolved. God is not some sadistic monster making difficult cocoons so we grow wings. Although he is certainly portrayed in that way in each holy book. He’s not, he doesn’t exist. Butterflies do, though.

  • Great video, nice music, beautiful story. Life is a journey we asked to take to move beyond limitations and grow our inner being.

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  • why do you have to be angry at something that is not challenging your belief, only expressing their own?

  • I don’t think so. If we DON’T help each other we are failed as Christians. There’s a kind of intervention that doesn’t TRUST a person to know how to succeed. when we don’t allow them to struggle and fail when need be. (as a parent I am considering my children, the hardest thing is to NOT STEP IN when they are trying to learn something or figure out a problem. But it robs them of their sense of self esteem.) Jesus is not defined by CONSERVATIVES. Definitely not by republicans. he is LOVE.

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  • There is no god.
    look at the science proven facts not some hand written book by men.
    but that wont make a difference you religious people are so brainwashed with god and created the world etc that when given scientifically proven facts at how world was created you cant take that in and cannot believe that so you say” it was a miracle” LOL.. laughable really.

    your brainwashed by your parents as they was with their parents etc

    i was enjoying the video until started thanking god for everything.

  • wow……now I’m starting to understanding why my prayers were never answered. Thank you for this video. I now understand what God is trying to do. God Bless you, friend.

  • Thank you for posting this wonderful video. Great job containing truths about our challenges in life, which is beautiful with all its certainties and contradictions, with all the obstacles and victories, with all the sufferings, joys and disappointments and that is renewed each morning, like butterflies.

  • it tells about the value of individual progress.People who live in success also have their story of failure.Beyond countless undertakings we survive because we’ve learn something. We gain strength from our weaknesses.We learn to strive because there is something hint us to do so-God Almighty,Family,School,friends,bf/gf,and our experiences. We will never learn to stand and to fly towards our goal If we never walk within our endeavors in our Life.Love who you are and not what others want you to be

  • we have been created with a divine purpose but we will never find that purpose unless we remain in our creator.this such a blessing that we truly are loved by our creator and he has the best for us in mind.

  • Yes Struggles make us stronger! Is it not true that iron must go through the fire before it can be formed and shaped? Is it not true that Diamonds take hundreds of years of pressure to be made into a diamond , the same for a pearl which starts out as a irritant with in the shell? It is also true that we must enter the valley before we can climb to the summit! Amen to all of these.

  • wow,this is the best. thank you very much!

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  • Sir, meeku accounts teliyaduanukunta. meka srinivas garu cheppindi. turnover. not a profit.  konthamandiki knowledge takkuva, avesam ekkuva. papam.

  • highlight 51:24

  • very good speech about inspiration

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  • please continue your great work…hats up to you all the trainers and sponsers…

  • Great achievement with hardwork.. Inspiring……..Thanks for Impact team..

  • saruku thakkuva sollekkuva

  • How he earned from so many innocent people to become his goal
    1. In five years he earned 100 crores…….. I think, He is big Cheater
    2. Giving 50Lacks per month to 1000 persons …..means avg. he is giviing 5000 Rs per person.
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  • Gampa garu ki hatsoff, your doing a great job

  • Gampa sir,dimond is dimond,really srinivas life is dimond(matti lo manikyam)

  • mee speech chusi i am very impressed.two months lo naa aim ni achieve chesi meeto matladatanu sir,

  • Any how he is a great person

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    Thanq bro…

  • u r legend in u r life..and in world….all the best for u r feature goles….

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