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inspirational videos : Checkmate, my friend [Agility] Inspirational video – 3

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PLEASE WATCH IN HD 720p and read the description** And YES, please excuse my bad english. Please 😉 So you don’t think dog agility is a sport…? (please …

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12 Responses to inspirational videos : Checkmate, my friend [Agility] Inspirational video – 3

  • friends***

  • Amazing ! My Shiba Inu and I just started and I tell my friend it is a sport. They all laugh at me :(. Then I tell them… you try, lets see how you do.

  • I love your videos! Hello from Brazil. 😉

  • It’s so amazing! Love it ♥


  • What a seriously rubbish reason to not take this vid seriously! could you make something like this? with love for the subject on the side?

  • If I say, that I love this video, I wouldn’t say the trueth
    – it’s just perfect.. <3

  • My sister trains at a gym and runs people races to stay fit.

    I just train my dogs to do agility and walk them daily. In less than a year I went from getting winded from simple floor exercises to outrunning my sister. I’m now also stronger, more agile, and have more endurance than she does.

    No one can tell me that agility is not a sport.

  • WTH is wrong with you?

  • this is amazing and very inspiring Agility is so a sport!!!!

  • hello! great vid! i am very curious, may i ask what software did you use?
    btw, i am new to agility^^ most people i know don’t appreciate that sport very much, but i won twice in my first run, my first competition, in the first national competition in our country, with a dog of unlikely breed, and i’m very happy about it. many athletes welcomed me warmly, and they appreciate my efforts very well. guess not all people understand it well but the ones who tried it themselves right?^^

  • I don’t do agility, I don’t have a dog and I play football, but I think Agility is a sport on the same line as football. You do actually have to run and think and trust your partner(a dog)/bestfreind. Awezome video! 😀

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