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inspirational videos : Great Inspiration By Will Smith

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43 Responses to inspirational videos : Great Inspiration By Will Smith

  • Pour

  • huh? Your comment makes no sense. Ideas don’t create reality. Reality is always there.

  • ideas create reality retard

  • Thank you Will Smith. You inspire me.

  • Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  • Favourite video on youtube

  • I love Will Smith:)

  • wow…he’s starting to sound a lot like bruce lee…respect

  • Will Smith equals phenomenal and he teaches us how to be.

  • well go do something instead of watching this video! It’s not going to get you anywhere!

  • i watch this video every day 😛

  • thank you for this!

  • And it is possible to be motivated and striving for something in life while supporting the left, just not logical.

  • He was motivated by individualism, self-ambition, and entrepreneurship. The left (liberals) favors empathy, utilitarianism, and envy. He understands that being handed a crutch (although being perfectly deserving of it) while otherwise being functional isn’t the way to go. The US will no longer excel if they believe they are “owed” something (i.e. government entitlements). Freedom=Liberty=Ambition=Education=Success

  • It is possible to be motivated and striving for something in life even though one is voting left. He’s not talking about about money is he?

  • he sold out? HE worked hard for what he has, maybe you should try it instead of bitching.

  • this is awesome! thank you will smith you are a true inspiration! !! anyone who has insomnia and wants to cure it please check out my channel!!

  • Is success just earning more money than anyone else, people? Sad, sad….
    “If what you are doing now doesn’t help someone else, you are wasting your time”
    The capitalist way of living is one of the biggest problems of the world.
    We need to live for the eternal happiness of the others and then for ourselves. Don’t just live for the money

  • How long did it take for you to prepare this video? It must have been a hard work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Well Will, you got what you wanted if you wanted to change the world, because you sure changed my world.

  • 4 people are unrealistic

  • This guy is probably one of the most self-motivated people in the world!

  • He is amazing. Wow.

  • I don’t know how he can end up on the left hand side of politics with a mindset like that. He must not know what the left stands for or maybe he has just sold out to the liberal hollywooders.

  • Wow,

  • what is the song for the intro?

  • I will miss watching ray lewis play every monday night

  • song intro ????

  • Wow

  • What is this song on the intro?

  • Ray Lewis’s son better be a monster. I would bet he wakes his son up at 3 am and say go train boy!!

  • TNDO

  • This Man Is a BEAST! 

  • I never don’t take breaks, just like Ray says at 03:10

  • i could listen to this guy all day long, but then i would miss the oppurtunity to become who i want to be 

  • he looks like the rock

  • 6 people are 49er fans xD

  • Going to start off every day by watching this video until I become a machine. This is by far the most motivational talk I have ever heard.

  • Just ain’t no one in the world like him. Like my mother said u don’t learn til it hurt. And sometimes success starts with failure. This is the perfect and only example. Peoples can can always look @ your will,your skills,motivation and etc. But they’ll never understand or know what’s responsible for it. Or y your character the way it is or demeanor always on succeed I always admired Ray Lewis since I was a 10year old child. He just amazing best ever!

  • Getting ready.

  • our school time were in the final of a competion and watched this before the match, they won!

  • does anyone know where i can get one of these escape coats?

  • awsome

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