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inspirational videos : HD Pain is Temporary \\ US Military Inspirational Video.

inspirational videos

A video made by me. Took a lot of editing so please enjoy! Song is, Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean by Explosions in The Sky. Thanks for Watching!
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  • Hey man my name is Wil Dallas. I’m currently n the process of becoming one of Americas top Naval Warriors. I just wanted to thank you for this video 8 months ago I saw this and it changed my life. It would mean the world to me if you could kik me at “usnavy17” or email me Sir thank you for this piece of art. Fight until no breath is left, then fight until you pass out. Thank you

  • Noting can be more of an honor then wearing the uniform knowing your part of something that people dream can only dream about going the extra mile to protect and serve those we love and care about. Has to be one of the best feelings in the world future army ranger

  • Sylvester Stallone

  • who is the second Italian voice giving the speech?

  • i leave for bootcamp in two weeks, this video is so motivating

  • I understand us natives are still an inferior our brothers,death has proven to take our path from us,we have proven to death we are braves and will conquer death itself!dont know why slavery is used as inspiration and will never understand so i won’t use it for our people.

  • Can you not lose a limb in an ever-day accident? Can you not suffer third degree burns in a every-day accident? Even getting shot and blown up is a chance you take just by stepping out your front door. It does not matter were you are or who you are, evils are everywhere.

  • Why?

  • How exactly is it attacking a country, giving other people free life? Get your shit right. It takes balls to join army in WWII and WWI, not this shit!

  • what branch are you in

  • Good luck young man CPL TORRES 3/1 2008-2012

  • I think you are stupid to understand real meaning of that sentence. But one day you will understand (hope so).

  • ♥*

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