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inspirational videos : How to: Think positive and WHY we think negative!

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How to think positive instead of negative and why we think negatively is explained here. What do you think slackers? My Twitter, follow me if you’d like to contact me Tweet at me using #TeamSlacker at end of your tweet! If you are reading this, comment the video saying: BE POSITIVE! Keywords: how to think positive tony robbins inspirational video how to not think negative how to think more positively in easy steps why we think negatively
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This is episode 6 from Abdi’s Current Series. Please Like, Subscribe &share with your friends. Filmed&Editied By Aaron Smith (RedTaz Entertainment)
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11 Responses to inspirational videos : How to: Think positive and WHY we think negative!

  • Attitude is everything

  • People like BAD NEWS because it makes us FEEL BETTER because we can say things like. I’m glad that didnt happen to me. I’m glad I’m not that stupid. etc.

  • I’m viewer 2595 😉 go Slackers

  • In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God – All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST. May God save you !

  • im viewer 2275 :p yay team slacker

  • I have question . Why when Im happy I think negative also then everything around seems too tense like noise get loud people seem more meanier and negative . Its like im afraid to be hapoy because of that . Is it just me over thinkin or im sendin out negative thinkin even doe in the inside im thinkin negative but on the outside im actin mire happy and positive (fakin til i make it i guess) please answer ?

  • Keep it up! Your are an inspiration to everyone!!

  • We need more people like you in this world. Great message & video!

  • so inspirational

  • god bless :)

  • Thank you 🙂

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