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inspirational videos : IAS / UPSC Inspirational Story A , Part -1

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22 Responses to inspirational videos : IAS / UPSC Inspirational Story A , Part -1

  • many more inspirational speeches can be added to this

  • very good speech

  • he doesn`t seems to have a decent personality.How could he clear such a “difficult”(as exaggerated by media) exam. lagta hai upsc me ab dum nahi reh gaya hai, koi bhi topper ban jata hai aajkal. he should have been failed into interview for his accent.

  • just download the idm (search google for idm ) and install and then again open this video in ur browser u will get a button download video click on that and u can download the vdo..

  • I want to keep this video in my pc, but couldnt able to download and save. Could any one help me out to watch this video properly?

  • great!!!

  • Lemme share my feeling with all my fellow aspirants, this is not an exam which tests our knowledge and aptitude in our optionals and general knowledge but it is tests our malleability. How far we can stretch and modify ourselves with stress and frustration to yield the perfect output. Only the guy who succeeds knows what he has gone through.

  • we will reach there to mussourie!!see you there

  • im a UPSC aspirant when ever i feel depress or low i watch tis video wic is really motivational .. the host is very good… i get tears in my eyes when i watch this… thank u so much zindagi live:)

  • We are responcible for ourself.. really proves these heros.

  • jabardast

  • great….!!11

  • anchor ki GAND mast hai, notice that too !!

  • he i s really hero……………………

  • salute to him

  • indrajeet is real hero not fake persnality like salman khan ,sharukh khan

  • he is so down to earth.
    i am really inspired him. what a dedication he has got.
    any one can cry after watching this..

  • Just a correction, sir… Because of his pronunciation it might have sounded like something else. He had said “Sahyog” and “Sanyog”.

  • Indrajeet!! asli zindagike Hero hain app.. Bhagwan appko duniyaki sari khushi de..!!

  • Its really tough!
    Nicely said the difference between ‘Sangharsh and Dukh’,
    ‘Sahyog and Shrey-yog!’
    These are the real words of a true champion!
    I salute the attitude of Indrajeet!
    Bravo man!

  • I salute You Brother Indrajeet, May Allah Bless YOu

  • Hum Dete Hain Tabhi To Wo Lete Hain,.

    Dena Band Karo, Inshallah Mulk Tarakkhi Karega,.

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