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inspirational videos : Inspirational Video Spread Kindness

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One shot inspirational video on Kindness. Kindness is contagious… It always returns…. Like a Boomerang!

Jordan’s car was ruined by bullies who trashed it with homophobic slurs. Then he met a mechanic named Richard, who rebuilt his car free of charge. Watch thei…
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28 Responses to inspirational videos : Inspirational Video Spread Kindness

  • Nxt to perfect..

  • Copied from “Because Kindness Keep’s The World Afloat”…Don’t imitate…

  • Story, shooting, casting everything done in one day! So probably there will be faults. And this shot is made by just 2 trials.

  • Would have been better if there was sequencing, too much waiting for each action

  • Supr W0rk
    Really Lovd a lot <3

  • good job but please next comes with realistic story because im sick seeing people sick at same place

  • It never ceases to amaze me how many homophobic, cruel freaks there are out there! Whatever happened to the simple sentiment of just “live and let live.” I guess that’s just too much to ask from some people, apparently. Stories like these unfortunately confirm the attitude that I have towards mankind these days-that “that” word seems to be such a contradiction in terms.

  • This guy is a god send!!!!!!!!! - lovely guy! Lots love from Ireland!xxxx

  • Wow people out there are just so cruel… but people will always be there to back you up ( like Richard did!)

  • QUALITY AUTO PAINT AND BODY. Those people were very nice :D

  • She says that in the beginning of the show and plays it out all the time he speaks or stops talking haha and that folks is good advertisement 😀

  • coldplay- fix you

  • “Cause we just wanna live our lives Embraced faith, went against all odds In our eyes, to judge niggas, that is not our job To be a man, it is not that hard We gon’ kill ’em with kindness When they try to take you out your comfort zone Ayo, it’s time to be a man, understand, we gon’ kill ’em with kindness And you know you gotta fuckin’ hold your own Can’t let them take us away from the fam’ We gon’ kill ’em with kindness” -Dizzy Wright

  • Ellen makes things happen, you are the kindest person on Earth!

  • I love you Ellen:(

  • This made me cry… damn it

  • Fix you by Coldplay

  • what is the song at 1:11

  • you are correct. that was a ipad3 in the parcel which i got from Apple-YT questionnaire content last week. Listen, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. you can also get it from here –>

  • f*ck bulliying

  • When i looked at his picture, i almost died. LMFAO

  • We need to hear about more stories like THIS in the news. Gives us hope for humanity.

  • One minute I’m laughing at your videos, and the next I’m crying, but I can’t stop watching!

  • That’s my home! Some bad people here but the good outweighs the bad 🙂 So proud of them! :*

  • It’s a media tool so that the audience remembers it. She knows exactly what she’s doing and it works =D

  • Damn onion choppers :'(

  • The Ellen Show is the prove that money sometimes buys happiness.

  • QUALITY AUTO PAINT AND BODY!!!!!! poor guy had to repeat it alot xD
    Salute 😛

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